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The 10 Things to do BEFORE Your Kitchen Measure:

Lauren explains the preparation all kitchen designers would appreciate prior to our measuring your kitchen.

Senior Designer Lauren Sciarra
by Senior Designer Lauren Sciarra

1.  First, put your masks on and remember your six-foot distance!  Main Line Kitchen Design does enforce a strict policy of wearing masks and social distancing during all in-person meetings including kitchen measures. 

2.  Tidy up your kitchen and remove major obstacles from your house. Designers get more accurate measurements if you clear as many objects as possible and boxes from the walls. 


3.  Plan your payment for our 1st Deposit. Main Line Kitchen Design accepts all major credit cards, cash, checks and electronic payments including debit and credit cards through our online payment portal

4. Prepare a list of questions!  WE LOVE QUESTIONS AND CLIENTS WHO ARE PREPARED!  Your kitchen designer will listen to concerns and answer your questions so that you are put at ease, however they will NOT follow exact instructions on how to design the kitchen to start.  Leave design to the experts at first. Your ideas can be implemented after you see what a professional would do with your space. As you make changes to the initial design you will better understand why you might want to keep some of the designer’s recommendations. Considering all your options is what gets you a kitchen you will truly love.

5. Give your kitchen designer a little space and quiet while they are measuring. This allows them to focus and reduces the possibility of errors when they are sketching your kitchen and taking precise measurements. 

6.  Free yourself up for your designer! Clients sometimes have contractors or other designers overlap each other.  It is NEVER a good idea, or polite, to have two different professionals booked at the same time.

Kitchen designer
Photo not considering Covid restrictions.

7.  Be prepared to consider advice. If you want the BEST kitchen design, you have to be open minded. Let your kitchen designer advise and educate you, they will help you make the decisions that will increase your most valuable investment, your home.  

8.  Do your homework.  Ideally designers want you to clarify what style and colors you want. Sharing a look, you want to create current problems you want us to solve, or desired appliances is helpful.  You should NOT purchase or decide on any appliances before the design we create together is complete.

9.  Think about a budget.  A kitchen renovation is a HUGE investment. The value of your home can often increase far beyond the money you spend when you chose a GOOD design and designer!  We can help create a budget once you make the big decisions and explain the likely costs for labor and materials.  It is a great idea to discuss your financing options with your bank, credit unions, financial advisors before you start the kitchen process, so that you have a sense of what’s feasible money wise. Kitchen projects can run from $20k to $70k and the most expensive projects we work on can easily exceed these numbers so financing your renovation is usually needed.

picture of pets
Plan a safe space for your pets! 

10.  Plan a safe space for your pets!  There are some instances where your kitchen designer may have to inspect the joists in the basement, the space in the garage, or even inspect the possibility of an addition or placement of a window or door outside. Your pets are important to us and we don’t want to have any escape or wander off while we are inspecting a space and gathering critical information. 

We look forward to making your kitchen a place you love and feel comfortable in. Measuring your home is the beginning of this exciting process.

Stay safe, it is only a little longer before we can all dine together and truly wish you . . .


Main Line Kitchen Design

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