The Best Place for Kitchen Cabinetry Can Also Be Affordable.

With Kitchen Cabinets, There’s No Reason to Sacrifice Affordability for Quality

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Many of our customers are using and to show us the cabinetry and floor plans they like. has a wonderful collection of photos of every type and style of kitchen. Thousands of new photos are being added to this massive collection, daily. is a personal online bulletin

board where anyone can post the photos of the kitchen designs, floor plans and cabinetry selections they would like to save.  We are finding more and more Main Line Kitchen Design customers taking advantage of one or both of these sites to assembled entire kitchen albums sometimes complete with even the type of trash can pull out they prefer.  And they never leave home to do it.

As our company tag line says: “The World of Kitchen Design is Changing …”.  But in this information age it is changing so quickly that it surprises even me.

Just a few years ago, I worked for a company that had 28 employees with only 10 of them kitchen designers.  Those 10 designers had to sell enough cabinetry to pay themselves and the 18 other company employees.  We needed to generate enough revenue to pay for a 5,000 square foot showroom and its continued update, maintenance, property taxes etc.  Not to mention the management of the company 10,000 square foot warehouse, trucks, and their upkeep.

How can that business model competes against a company like Main Line Kitchen Design?  We have 5 designers in two states with no showroom, office staff, maintenance staff, or any of the tremendous overhead associated with that showroom/warehouse business model.  The answer is– in most of the areas that matter to customers, the showroom/warehouse business model can’t compete with our more cost and time effective operation.

Traditional showrooms can never devote the time Main Line Kitchen Design designers can spend with our customers and the contractors we work with.  And we come to them, saving customers and contractors valuable travel time.

Furthermore, traditional showrooms understandably need to charge more for the same cabinetry and need to pay their designers less.  Most traditional showrooms obtain additional income by receiving commission or charging customers directly for appliance, flooring, tile, counter-top, and lighting fixtures selected elsewhere.  In addition to increasing costs this can delay customers from getting prices for the products they are considering until the showroom has received pricing for the selections and marked them up.

Main Line Kitchen Design refers our customers directly to suppliers so that they will receive immediate, discounted, markup free pricing along with any information they need directly from the salespeople and experts for each product.  Again, the Main Line Kitchen Design model is about expertise and effectiveness.  Why would we insert ourselves in a transaction that we know less about?  We’re the kitchen design and cabinetry experts – we know who is more knowledgeable about other areas and we want our customers to have access to them and not pay a markup for the service.


The Best isn’t Always the Most Expensive…….

It’s Just the Best!

Replies to “The Best Place for Kitchen Cabinetry Can Also Be Affordable.”

  1. pmcalary[ Post Author ]

    Hi Laura,
    Yes, almost all dealers have showrooms so it is unlikely that you will find a dealer with our business model. This is primarily because without a showroom open to the public a successful cabinet dealership would need to be very good at SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (pay per click), Social Media, and all other things internet in order to have enough customers to sell named brand cabinet lines. Fortunately in my life prior to becoming a kitchen designer, and before that a general contractor, I studied computer engineering at UPENN. So the tech side needed for our business model came easily to me.

  2. Laura

    Hi Paul.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply! I will visit the dealer in Orlando that you recommended on your list of designers outside your service area. I was confused because they do have a showroom. I wish they carried Fabuwood or CNC. Closest Fabuwood dealers are hours away, CNC has a huge manufacturing plant here so hopefully there’s a dealer nearby. Using your ratings, is it a level playing field if I choose from companies that rate similarly, like Wolf, Waypoint, Marsh, Ideal, Diamond Now, All Wood? These dealers are in my area. I will definitely check specs first and foremost! Thank you again for providing so much education and guidance.

  3. Laura

    I am just beginning the kitchen and bath remodel process and I like your business model described above. How do I find your type of business in my area (great designer, no showroom)? It sounds like I shouldn’t go to a showroom, especially because I have a good idea of the elements I want. I do value the advice of a kitchen designer but most showrooms have cabinets in the 4 range of your 2020 ratings and I would be happy with Fabuwood or CNC if I can find a dealer nearby (so far no luck). I’m looking for the good cabinet construction you recommend, white shaker doors, not much in the way of pullouts or interior enhancements which the high end cabinets offer, no fancy glazes, etc. Just a good, solid kitchen that will last. The kitchen designers I’ve researched offer brands like Diamond, Designer’s Choice, Homecrest, Holiday Kitchens, Greenfield, Omega, poggen pohl, (Company 1) and Woodharbor, Wellborn, Home Concepts by Well Made, and Miralis (Company 2). Is there a big price difference between a 2 and a 3 or 4? I would like to choose one of your well rated companies, and work with a reputable designer!

    1. pmcalary[ Post Author ]

      Hi Laura,
      You should work with a cabinet dealer. There are very few dealers that do not have showrooms. You definitely do not want to work with an independent kitchen designer that isn’t a cabinet dealer for several brands, as you would be adding a unneeded middleman. Designers that work for cabinet dealers are also usually more experienced and their design help is incorporated into the price of the cabinetry. Paying for designs from an independent kitchen designer or architect is usually a bad idea.

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