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Below are the 5 finalists in our, “What’s the most memorable thing that happened in your kitchen?” contest. 

Update: The winner of our contest was story #5. One interesting note is that story #3 was written by Main Line Kitchen Design President Paul McAlary’s mother. Jean Mcalary has since passed away, but her story still touches the hearts of many readers and has been used in our advertising on occasion.

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1) The most memorable thing that happened in my kitchen is my fiancé proposed to me there. We had been talking about rings because I found a conspicuous clue in his office earlier in the day, and as I was cooking dinner, he called me upstairs to his office to check out the ring he had been designing for me, purportedly on his computer screen. Well, all 4 burners were on, and I had bread baking in the oven, so there was no way I could step away from the kitchen. He then came downstairs and completely surprised me when he pulled from his pocket not a printed sheet of paper, not his mini tablet, but the actual ring and proposed! My sauces on the stovetop survived as did the bread in the oven throughout this whole scene.

2) My kitchen is the Hub of my house. It was originally my husband’s grandparent’s house, so he has great memories to start with. We added to those memories by him proposing to me in the kitchen while I was baking bread almost 6 years ago. Since then, we have had 2 children. We are continuing to add memories with family dinners, birthdays, art projects & homework. My kitchen holds almost every precious memory!

3) Our first apartment was a small, old but affordable, walk-up. Although it left much to be desired, as newlyweds, we were satisfied and even excited about moving in — except for the kitchen! It contained only one cabinet which was situated above the sink and its exposed pipes. We improvised by buying a large standing cabinet and sewing a floral fabric to elastic and wrapping it around the sink. The area under the sink could now be used as storage space for cleaning products, pots and pans, etc. When our first baby began toddling around, it became his favorite destination. He enjoyed crashing through the curtain, playing with the pots and pans and eating the soap powder. I could not wait to escape from this hazardous kitchen. Eventually we converted the space to a toy area where he sat playing with his cars, trucks and blocks. In fact, that’s where he said his first word, which was “car”.

One night, my husband arrived home from work with a bottle of champagne and wonderful news. He had just received a big promotion and a very substantial salary increase. While eating dinner at our little kitchen table with the baby next to us in his highchair, we toasted to his new job and our new house.

It is now more than 50 years later, and I still remember that antiquated kitchen and the joy and happiness we experienced in it.

Note: Jean McAlary passed away 3 years after writing this, and the little boy under the sink was of course our President, Paul McAlary.

4) As my husband and a friend were working on my porch roof, I was making a pasta salad with fresh vegetables at the kitchen sink. My watch and rings on the ring stand. As I turned on the garbage disposal, I heard a terrible noise. I turned it off. When I reached in all the guys heard was me saying ” My watch!” My cat had batted my watch down the sink. All I had were pieces. Lucky it wasn’t my ring. We laugh about it now.

5) The most memorable thing that happened in my kitchen happened last thanksgiving. Although at the time I found it to be funny and touching, I wouldn’t know until this past February that it would be so memorable. My mom suffered a massive brain bleed 4 years ago and became childlike ever since that stroke. Last Thanksgiving, we all sat around after dinner laughing and enjoying each other’s company when my husband looked over and noticed my mom sitting in front of the dessert plate full if chocolate chip cookies. My mom had been sitting there just smiling and singing to herself she ate over 10 cookies. We asked her how she was doing, and she said, “I’m so happy and I love the cookies.” Who knew it would be one of our last holidays with her? I still remember how beautiful and happy she looked sitting with her family and eating her cookies without a care in the world. She deserved it after raising 8 crazy children and 17 grandchildren.

Winners were announced on our Facebook page on December 2nd, 2014.

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