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Kitchen Cabinet Design in Philadelphia

Designing a kitchen is a fun and sometimes intimidating process. Selecting new cabinets is a big decision you’ll have to live with for years to come. Our designers come into every job ready to work with clients to bring them the kitchen of their dreams, and that’s no small task. Sometimes homeowners know exactly what they want to see. Other times, things are bit more open. In any case, the design process always goes through several versions before work begins. As experts in kitchen design, and partners with some of America’s most trusted kitchen cabinets, we’ve been providing residents of Philadelphia and the surrounding communities with unbeatable results and memorable kitchens that will last for years and years. Here are three aspects of kitchen cabinet design we like to keep in mind when starting the design process.

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Cabinet Style and Tone

This is the part of kitchen cabinet design process people put the most time into thinking about. The color, the material, and configuration are a great place to start when rethinking your kitchen’s design. These are the pieces of the puzzle that you’ll be seeing in your home every day and it’s your chance to correct the visual design flaws of your current kitchen that you just can’t live with. Brightening up the tone, opening up the space, and simplifying the design can make you feel like you’ve built a brand new home. It’s all about your personal tastes.

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Kitchen Functionality

A good looking kitchen is only part of the battle, and we often find kitchens that were designed with only that in mind. The result is a space that photographs well, but isn’t a great space in which to cook, dine, or spend the kind of time we’d like to spend. Cabinets that can’t open all the way, stoves that pose fire hazards, we’ve seen all kinds of kitchen mistakes that make an otherwise attractive space almost unuseable!

Beyond avoiding silly mistakes, you also need to take into account your personal needs. Having enough room for all of your pots, pans, tools, and appliances is essential to keeping a clean space, and organizing it the right way will ensure you get as much use out of your kitchen as possible.

By thinking ahead, and understanding the potential shortcomings of a poor cabinet design you can avoid some potentially frustrating results.

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Cabinet Cost

The cost of your kitchen cabinets is likely going to be a factor when deciding which ones to go with. Luckily, our business model allows us to pass down savings to the homeowner, so you’re able to get high-quality, long-lasting kitchen cabinets for the same price as our competitors offer flimsier, less attractive brands.

With these factors as a guide, we’re able to move forward with the sometimes daunting task of redesigning your kitchen. Give us a call today and learn why Philadelphia trusts us with their kitchen cabinet design needs. One of our experts will schedule a consultation with you and get the ball rolling as soon as possible.

You can learn more about the kitchen design process here.

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