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Covid-19 Updates: Designing Your Kitchen Remotely

Main Line Kitchen Design blogs with links listed chronologically. Non topic Blogs are omitted such as announcements and awards.

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Welcome to our blogs

The Top Six Kitchen Renovation Myths

What is a professional kitchen designer

Kitchen Design words that spell problem!

Interior Designers can add value to Kitchen Design

Making kitchen design lemonade out of lemons during Covid-19

How to select a contractor for a kitchen renovation.

How you use your kitchen is less important than you think.

Thanksgiving Reflections

Design and Build and why splitting the two can make sense.

Intellectual Property and the challenge designing kitchens.

Construction changes are the best investments in a kitchen renovation.

Quotes from three Masters of Cooking, Design, and Art.

Fireclay Farmhouse sinks and Pot filler faucets. Recipes for disaster.

How to make a better Kitchen cabinet.

New Home Buyers make a big mistake rushing their kitchen renovation.

What’s your kitchen design and renovation IQ? Take the test.

Flush Mounted Ovens: The new danger appliance makers and dealers overlook.

The Philadelphia Inquirer featured a Main Line Kitchen Design kitchen

Kitchen Cabinetry Update during Covid-19

Every day as a kitchen designer is a test of patience.

Looking for photos of many beautiful kitchens?

The Ardmore Library Virtual Kitchen Tour is now available

view from kitchen looking into the living space

What do Kitchen Renovations and Pandemic Haircuts have in common?

Looking for discounts can be dangerous when shopping for cabinets post Covid-19.

Kitchen Renovation cost Estimator.

Designing your Kitchen Remotely

Why the pandemic and a declining stock market can make remodeling a kitchen a good business decision.

Kitchen Cabinet ratings for 2020. Reviews for the top selling cabinet brands.

Price comparing kitchen cabinets and can be a bad idea.

Main Line Kitchen Design travels to KBIS in Las Vegas

Solid Wood Cabinets goes Bankrupt

Why kitchen design is all about managing regret.

Kitchen Design: If this, not that

Engineered Quartz countertops are killing some countertop workers.

Main Line Kitchen Design receives honors in 2019

DIY Renovating a kitchen


Why you shouldn’t buy a kitchen at Lowes or Home Depot

Storage difference between framed and frameless cabinets. Let’s do the math.

Paul McAlary selected as a Top Kitchen and Bath Innovator

Buying kitchen cabinets online? Read this first.

Beautiful Kitchen and Barn Renovation

Fabuwood Kitchen in Villanova, PA

Cabinet off gassing, Carb2 Compliance, VOC’s, GREENGUARD and what you need to know if you are sensitive to fumes.

Why you need a professional kitchen designer

The 10′ x 10′ kitchen. And why the linear foot price for cabinetry is a lie.

The mistake amateur kitchen designers make constantly.

Top ten tips for remodeling a kitchen in your new home.

Why are the most expensive kitchens often so poorly designed?

Wood-Mode Cabinetry closure explained by a changing cabinet market.

Top Ten ROI’s for a Kitchen Renovation

Kitchens are where a family’s best memories are made.

The Ardmore Library Kitchen Tour. A story about why we love being in it.

Donating or selling your old kitchen cabinets, appliances, or fixtures.

Why it’s good for our customers when our kitchen designers don’t listen to them.

Kosher Kitchens. Technology meets tradition and great kitchen designs result.

Meticulous Details Lead to Tremendous Results – Dining in Iceland by Julie Meyer

Main Line Kitchen Design Partners with Chester County Futures

Main Line Kitchen Design helps people from outside our service area

Kitchen Financing is getting faster and easier. But be careful!

Cabinetry wood types and the characteristics of each different species of wood.

How to select appliances for your new kitchen.

Crazy Kitchens. Do they all have something in common?

Villanova, PA Kitchen

It’s Ok. Play with your food! by Main Line Kitchen Design’s Stacia Fischer

How to graduate top of your class in kitchen renovation!

What’s the most economical and efficient way to renovate a kitchen?

The IKEA Effect: A phenomenon that drives kitchen designers crazy!

Kitchen Redesign on a Budget; Getting the most bang for your buck.

A Tale of Two Kitchens. The kitchen renovation of the Smarts and the Knowbettas

Kitchens require compromise. Even for kitchen designers!

What’s new in exterior cabinetry? Outdoor Kitchens are Heating Up!

Recommended Kitchen Designers and Cabinet Dealers outside our Service Area

Who’s the best kitchen designer in Philadelphia?

Should we give a personality test to our kitchen customers?

Is refacing your kitchen cabinets a good idea?

We Rate Kitchen Remodeling TV shows for their realism and advice.

Kitchen design style tips only the Pros know!

Is picking your cabinet dealer more important than your cabinets?

Are HGTV remodeling shows realistic?

Main Line Kitchen Design wins Viking’s March 2017 Designer of Distinction

What you need to know about appliances.

Ardmore Library Kitchen Tour Features Two MLKD Kitchens

kitchen renovation

How to design a great kitchen. And does your kitchen pass the countertop test?

What’s the best investment in your new kitchen?

Ten signs that you need a better kitchen designer.

Another time lapse kitchen renovation.

What kitchen cabinet brand is the best for me?

Kitchen sinks and what you need to know about them.

Why is it so hard to compare kitchen cabinet brands?

Different kitchen countertop properties and pricing.

What financial return do you get on a new kitchen?

What’s the most important decision to make buying a new kitchen?

Don’t rush decisions when you are remodeling your kitchen.

2016 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas

With kitchen cabinet conveniences – simpler is usually better.

You’re planning a NEW Kitchen – What’s your Checklist?

When do I shop for the appliances for my new kitchen?

How long does a kitchen renovation really take?

Is your kitchen designer going to kill you?

The Customers who almost bought their Kitchen at Lowes.

2015 Popular Kitchen Cabinetry Brand Comparison.

Chinese kitchen cabinets make a splash on the US shores.

kitchen renovation

Ray Gardner’s CotY award winning kitchen gets more national attention.

How accurate are those HGTV shows about Kitchen Remodeling anyway?

5 Hot Topics in Kitchen Design

Designing a kitchen is more than creating a floor plan.

Murder by Kitchen Design!

Crazy Construction Mistakes.

Famous TV kitchens with Problems.

Kitchen and Bath Industry Show well worth the trip.

Amish Custom Cabinets. Handmade or Homemade?

Kitchen designers who don’t protect their customers.

Ten step recipe for a kitchen design disaster.

Transparency is priceless in a kitchen showroom or contractor.

“You HAVE to see our new kitchen!”

I’m Doing A Kitchen Addition. What’s My First Step?

Sale of Le Bec Fin – Major change for Philadelphia.

How to get a French Country Kitchen for Half the Price.

The 108 inch tall Kitchen Ceiling Dilemma

What’s under your kitchen hood?

Shaker – The most popular Kitchen Cabinet Door style is also the most versatile.

Jim Bishop Steam Punk kitchen or close to it.

Are eclectic kitchen designs as stylish as Kitchen Designers would have you believe?

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