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Brighton Cabinetry

Brighton Custom Cabinetry is a full custom cabinet line that has the advantage of allowing designers to price kitchens accurately in 20-20 CAD software. This translates into saving work and time for designers and time and money for our customers. As with all custom cabinet lines Inset and Beaded inset door styles are available, custom color matching, and unusual species of wood such as Walnut,  Quartersawn Oak, Rustic Alder are available.

Why We Carry Brighton Cabinets

Main Line Kitchen Design Carries Brighton Cabinets for several reasons:

  1. Because of time savings we can sell Brighton Custom Cabinetry for less that our other custom cabinet lines and for far less than other dealers pricing custom cabinetry the

How Main line Kitchen Design Saves You Money On Brighton Cabinets


Brighton Kitchen Designed by John Cisneros
Brighton Beaded Inset Cascade Kitchen
Brighton Beaded Inset Cascade Kitchen
1331 Medford
Brighton Ardmore Library Tour Kitchen

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My wife & I had the pleasure of working with Lauren...
by Jeremy B on 06/17/2021
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Lauren guided us through finishing our basement and...
by Christy S on 06/13/2021
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Our family had the pleasure to work with Lauren Sciarra...
by Peter L on 01/13/2021
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