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Designing a kitchen well means creatively moving appliances, sinks, cabinetry and even room openings around to promote working in the kitchen while making the design as attractive as possible in the style that your customer prefers. Becoming good at this takes years of experience and an unusually good grasp of spacial relations. Obeying simple design rules like […]

  Most people believe they can’t do it or that it will be too expensive.  And, they’re wrong. It’s almost always doable, usually costs nothing and can even save money. What IS the best investment your in your new kitchen?  It is changing the lay out! Barely a day goes by that a customer doesn’t  say to us “I have a small […]

So many kitchen designers are less than competent that I thought I’d give customers a cheat sheet to help them evaluate the designer they might be working with. Here are my top ten warning signs. If several apply to your project then you are almost certainly working with a less proficient kitchen designer. Your designer is not a full time […]

Here’s another  time lapse kitchen renovation from one of our recently completed jobs, curtesy of Jack Gardiner Third Generation Contracting. Jake Ferry was the Videographer.

“What kitchen cabinet line is best?” and “What kitchen cabinet line do you recommend?” are the most common questions we receive. The answer depends on several factors including budget, how fast cabinetry is needed, and how long you want the cabinetry to last. Every cabinet line is trying to fill a certain niche in the cabinet market. About half  of them […]

Brief History of Kitchen Sinks 1900 – 1980 After the turn of the century and prior to 1950 most sinks were stand alone enameled cast iron and often included a drain board like the sink above. Between 1950 and 1980 nearly all kitchen sinks became top mounted. This is because most countertops during that period were […]

Below is an edited response to the question above from one of our blogs: Kitchen design and cabinetry is complicated. And because customers are always looking to price compare and copy the design work done by kitchen designers, the cabinet industry intentionally makes it very confusing to shop for cabinets. One way this is done is that the same cabinet companies […]

With so many types of countertops available we thought shedding a little light on the topic would be helpful. Here is a comprehensive list of the most common types of countertops used in kitchens, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and approximate pricing. Laminate – Sometimes referred to by the brand name Formica, plastic laminate […]

  Realtors, HGTV, and home magazines often quote numbers on the return home owners receive on their home improvements. A 70% or 80% return on investment for kitchen renovations is a commonly quoted figure. But be careful.  Simplistic formulas placing values on renovations are misleading. Lets examine why these numbers are meaningless using a few examples: A […]

Natural lighting for this Berwyin PA Kitchen

On Wednesday evening Main Line Kitchen Design and Eric Spiro Inc won The National Association of the Remodeling Industry’s 2016 DelCY award for the best kitchen in Delaware and Chester counties between 60 and 100K. The kitchen was designed by Paul and the construction and installation done by Eric Spiro. The kitchen’s  open floor plan […]

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