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Frequently Asked Kitchen Design Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Does Main Line Kitchen Design have a showroom?

Main Line Kitchen Design has several offices and a selection center in Bala Cynwyd, PA, where we display all 6 of our cabinet lines, door styles, and finishes.

Main Line Kitchen Design Conference room at our offices at 19 Bala Ave Bala Cynwyd PA 19004. Answers one question.

We also display hardware and other materials, but we do no not have a complete showroom with full kitchen displays and we never will. Why? Because today every dealer with or without a showroom will have every style and type of kitchen cabinet anyone could ever want. Due to the nearly infinite number of combinations customers end up selecting their kitchen cabinet door style, wood species and finish from samples and never get to see an actual display of their selections in a showroom. Web sites like are far better photo showrooms in helping customers understand their style and color preferences.

What areas does Main Line Kitchen Design service?

The simplest answer is anywhere within a 2 hour drive of our offices, but designing and selling kitchens outside our service area can be more complicated. Here is a link to our service area page.  We will measure your home, create designs, and go over these preliminary 3D designs on laptops during a 2 hour follow up design appointment all for $150 in these areas and those close by:

Service Areas

We will also design kitchens and sell our kitchen cabinet lines anywhere within a couple of hours drive of the Philadelphia Main Line. In this case we would require a $250 or larger deposit to measure and do preliminary designs.  Second meetings would usually take place at our Bala Cynwyd office so some extra traveling would be needed by everyone. The deposit will be credited towards your cabinets when you purchase them.  So it costs nothing extra to for us to travel a little farther to reach you.  We simply require slightly larger financial investment from you for our designers to invest their time on a potential kitchen cabinet sale that’s farther away.  For example some of our designers frequently travel to the Jersey shore. For very long distances we need to have a discussion to determine if the job sounds sensible doing remotely.

Why should I work with Main Line Kitchen Design?

We are one of the most experienced, if not the most experienced Delaware Valley kitchen design teams. And our top priority is ensuring you receive the highest value for your dollars. This means we will sometimes suggest less expensive options for some aspects of your kitchen to accommodate better investments for others. For example, we can often recommend a cabinet door style that will appear identical and cost substantially less leaving you more dollars for your overall renovation. One of our guiding principles at Main Line Kitchen Design is that the best investment in your kitchen is always your design first and your door style second.

What cabinets lines do you carry?

We carry eight cabinet brands including Jim Bishop, Wellsford, Brighton, Fabuwood, Cubitac, and Timberlake, and C. Links to the web sites of five of our eight kitchen cabinet lines can be found at the bottom of all our web pages. Just click on each company’s logo to reach their web site.

How long does the process take? Why?

The kitchen design process takes as long as a customer needs. Most customers schedule several appointments over a two month period or longer to gradually make all of the decisions (layout, cabinet door styles, finish, cabinet accessories, appliances, contractor, etc) so as to have the exact kitchen they want. Once ordered, materials usually require a few weeks for delivery.

How much does it cost to have Main Line Kitchen Design design my kitchen?

Nothing. Our design time is incorporated into the cost of your kitchen cabinetry. It costs money not having a professional kitchen designer helping decide what aspects of your kitchen you can save on, and referring you to knowledgeable appliance, flooring, lighting, and countertop specialists. And at Main Line Kitchen Design we refer our customers to contractors, and suppliers all free of charge and insist they charge our customers our cost. We only make money on the purchase of your cabinetry. Because we have far less overhead than a traditional showroom we are slightly less expensive for our more affordable cabinet lines and up to 30% less for the custom lines we carry. All the cabinetry we design in and sell is all wood construction with solid wood dovetail full extension buffered drawers, and buffered doors.

How do I know if I have enough space for an island?

We can’t tell you how many times customers have told us they’ll get smaller chairs in order to fit an island in a space that isn’t large enough for it. We will not design you a kitchen in which you will not be able to move effectively and freely. We display all designs to scale on laptops in order to demonstrate both feasibility and options.

Can I order just a vanity or an island from Main Line Kitchen Design?

Unfortunately since we travel to our customers and our pricing is less, we limit our projects to entire kitchens. Any size or budget for a kitchen is fine but we do not work on bathrooms or partial kitchen remodeling projects.

Will Main Line Kitchen Design supervise the whole process and run our installation?

Over the decades we have designed kitchens we have found that our customers are better served by Main Line Kitchen Design simply doing the design work and selling the cabinetry and sometimes countertops. We are firm believers that you cannot be an expert in all areas, which is why we prefer to be your expert in the areas we are. We pass our discounts with local tile, appliance, lighting, and hardwood flooring distributors on to our customers to let the specialists in each of those areas be our customer’s primary advisers on those products. We can also recommend top installers who will supervise the entire installation process. We are always available to help in the decision making process at every step of the way, we just won’t be accompanying our customers on their kitchen associated travels.

We will upon request and for a percentage of the whole kitchen project supervise the entire process, but we truly believe that our customers receive the best value for their money under the system described above.