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Cabinets Buying Guide

Not all Kitchen Cabinets are Created Equal

Our Kitchen Cabinets Buying Guide and our Cabinet reviews for 2022 should help kitchen cabinet buyers make decisions.  Researching cabinets for your kitchen will lead to an overwhelming amount of brands, styles, looks, and materials to choose from. With all of those options, it can be hard to narrow things down to a manageable amount. If you want cabinets that are worth the investment, that won’t fall apart after a few years, that will continue to function exactly how they did when they were installed, you can narrow your options down considerably.

What to Look For

There are certain materials, hardware, and construction techniques that are clear indicators of quality cabinets and drawers. By ensuring your selections include all of these, you’ll be able rest easy that your cabinets will last for a lifetime.


Solid Wood Construction


Full-Extension Soft Close Drawer Tracks


Dovetail Construction

What to Avoid

With all that in mind, our Kitchen Cabinet Buying Guide makes it will be easy to avoid trouble signs such as particle board anywhere, drawer tracks that do not extend the length of the drawer, or 3/8″ sides on cabinets,  Most times, these characteristics will be easy to spot, and if you compare the look and feel of these low-quality cabinets next to their premium counterparts side-by-side, you’ll be able to tell the difference right away.

Finally, be aware that the durability and finish quality that most nationally distributed cabinet lines offer cannot be easily replicated by small custom shops.

Small production facilities almost always do not have the ovens to bake the cabinetry finishes and the other equipment needed to produce professional finishes. Many professionals consider the cabinetry made in small custom shops as “homemade” and not “handmade”. Read our blog HERE.

Amish Custom Cabinets. Handmade or Homemade?

Please watch our video below.

Paul from Main Line Kitchen Design and Doug Mottershead from McHale’s discuss what makes a well-made cabinet and how important it is:


The Main Line Kitchen Design Difference

At Main Line Kitchen Design, we deal only with premium cabinet lines. That means you’ll never have to sift through poor quality substitutes, and you’ll never wind up with a kitchen that will fall apart short of a lifetime. Typically upgraded construction would cost you more, but because we’ve cut out the overhead of maintaining and staffing a showroom, we’re able to pass the savings along to you. Even with the better construction our prices for cabinetry still remain slightly less than home centers and other showrooms pricing out the same door styles and finishes in lesser particle board construction.  Design appointments usually take place via Zoom or can be nn our Bala Cynwyd PA offices where you’ll see 3D renderings on flat screen TV’s.

Learn about what makes a well-made cabinet at the link below:

Well-Constructed framed cabinet for Kitchen Cabinets Buying Guide