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Main Line Kitchen Design’s Process


We visit you at home.

First, we cover any questions you have over the phone. Usually we can  give you a close approximation of what you are likely to spend on your kitchen by simply asking you a few important questions. If you would like to proceed, we charge you a $150 deposit.  For this deposit our expert designer will measure your kitchen, transfer the measurements to their computer and create your individual preliminary kitchen design. During a second and often a third appointment (Now usually done via Zoom) the designer will go over the detailed 3D designs with you.

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Preliminary computer design

At our second meeting we display and go over our completed designs and make changes to them on our laptops with you present in our office or via Zoom. Depending on your and our availability, this meeting can take place within the following week. Pricing for the cabinetry you select is just the click of a button and if you are able to provide us preferences in counter tops, fixtures, appliances, flooring, and back splash, we can give you reliable pricing estimates for each area as well as estimates for the construction costs. You are also welcome to make an appointment in our offices to look at the eight brands of cabinets we carry and the nearly infinite number of door styles and finishes.

We are glad to work with a contractor you have selected or with one of the many we regularly refer on the basis of the quality of their work and with no remuneration to Main Line Kitchen Design.

Unless you require printouts of our work, everything to this point is included in our initial $150 deposit.

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Beginning the Design Process in Finer Detail

After spending approximately 8 to 10 hours meeting with you and working on your designs if you would like to proceed with the project and have additional appointments exploring other designs or refining designs we require an additional $350 dollar deposit.

Kitchen designs can change significantly during the process. For example, a customer may want the island we first designed, or to change the design to a U-shape kitchen, or possibly decide to remove an existing wall.

Finalizing the plans

Once the design is finalized and it is ready for contractors to bid on, or at any point before, if you would like the floor plans, elevations, construction notes, and the 3D renderings of the designs, we will supply them for a deposit of 20% of the cost of the cabinets. Once you have paid this significant deposit the plans are yours. All deposits are applied towards your cabinetry when you purchase them from Main Line Kitchen Design.

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The design doesn’t effect your budget


The most surprising thing for many Main Line Kitchen Design customers is that the design itself rarely has a significant effect on the overall cost. The kitchen is usually the same size, with a similar amount of cabinets, countertops, and appliances. It’s the actual door style, type of cabinet and finish, as well as the type and color of their countertops, appliances, and flooring that have the greatest effect on how much a kitchen costs. This is why it is so important to get the best design for your kitchen. It doesn’t cost anything extra for your kitchen to be designed creatively and to function well, and we don’t charge for design time. It’s included in the price of the cabinetry.

The World of Kitchen Design Is Changing – For the Better! At Main Line Kitchen Design, we care more about giving you the best design we can create than selling you the most expensive products you might select, even if we have to disagree with you. The final decision is always yours but we haven’t done our job if we haven’t at least shown you ways to spend your money more effectively and with a greater impact. The most memorable thing about your kitchen will always be the design itself and that’s one reason why we love what we do.

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