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Hood Blower Insert Recommendation

Properly Maintain Your Equipment With Hood Blower Inserts

Recommended Insert for Wood Hoods, Hearths, and grottos:

This insert meets the maximum allowable CFM’s not requiring a replacement air system.

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2 Replies to “Hood Blower Insert Recommendation”

  1. Nate

    We have read conflicting info on hood width vs range width. We have heard that the hood width should match your range width and yet also heard it should be one step larger (36″ range with a 42″ hood). We are planning on a 36″ cooktop (Thermador) with a Zepher hood insert (450 CFM one). Should we go with a 36″ wide hood or a 42″ wide one? May be a good blog post on width of hoods vs size of cooktop/professional stoves

    1. pmcalary[ Post Author ]

      Hi Nate,
      In general hoods look better and work a little better when they are wider then the cooking surface below. However every kitchen design is different and making a hood wider could also mean making the wall cabinet doors on either side of the hood too narrow to look good. This is where a good kitchen designer can help you weigh the aesthetics. The biggest problem with builtin hoods is making them too deep. Appliance salespeople usually give bad advice on hood sizes and CFM’s. Consult an experienced kitchen designer to help you make these decisions. In general we like hoods to be shallower and higher than is recommended by hood manufacturers. The manufactures give no weight to style and looks or even to function and only consider the venting performance. Appliance manufactures would have your hood hitting you in the face and anyone 6 feet tall unable to see what they are cooking if it was left to them. These same manufactures recommended powerful hoods that poisoned people until building codes required replacement air systems for hoods over 400 CFM’s.

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