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Kitchen Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Designing kitchens for many years also means helping people avoid costly mistakes.  Research and forethought can go a long way. That’s why we’ve compiled a few blog posts on the subject of kitchen design mistakes. Knowing what not to do is half the battle. Take a look at the articles below, and learn how to avoid mistakes that can be easy to make, and costly to fix.

Murder By Kitchen Design

Murder by Kitchen Design

President of Main Line Kitchen Design, Paul McAlary gave an informative and humorous speech about the potential dangers of kitchen design. In it, he highlights a number of important but frequently overlooked safety code violations that can lead to serious issues for homeowners.

See clips from the speech “Murder by Kitchen Design” here

Delta Pot Filler Faucet

Fireclay Farmhouse sinks and Pot filler faucets. Recipes for disaster.

Fireclay farmhouse sinks and wall mounted pot filler faucets placed over the cooktop are popular higher end kitchen fixtures. They both also come with risks usually never considered by the homeowners and designers that select them.

Read more about Fireclay Farmhouse sinks and Pot filler faucets here

Crazy Construction Mistakes

Crazy Construction Mistakes

Sometimes, in the whirlwind of the construction process, simple design mistakes can be overlooked until it’s too late. We find it helpful (And slightly entertaining) to take a look through a few egregious construction mistakes made by the particularly hapless Knotthink family. At Main Line Kitchen Design our team has the attention to detail that assures you are never working with Knothinks!.

Read more about the Knotthink family’s crazy construction mistakes here.

Kitchen Designers Who Don’t Protect Their Customers

Kitchen Designers Who Don’t Protect Their Customers

Putting our customers best interests first is one of the things that separates Main Line Kitchen Design from many of our competitors. And so helping customers spend their budget the most effectively and placing their safety above the sale is never in question. We’ve seen the results of kitchen designers who don’t act with their clients’ interests in mind, and we strive to provide only the best, most professional service to every home owner we work with.

Read more about the dangers of halfhearted kitchen designers here

Famous TV Kitchens With Problems

Famous TV Kitchens With Problems

Here we highlight some famous kitchens and their terrible design flaws. Over time, seeing these design flaws can legitimize bad design and make it seem more acceptable.

Learn How to Avoid the Same Mistakes as These TV Families


Murder By Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design words that spell problem!

A sure sign of a kitchen DIYer are words most often heard on HGTV and HOUZZ.COM like shabby chic, shiplap, and IKEA. Professional kitchen designers cringe when we hear these words. Just Googling kitchen photos with these profane words brings up page after page of kitchens that will devalue a home.

Read more about kitchen design words that spell problems here

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