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Murder by Kitchen Design!

How Dangerous Can Mistakes in Kitchen Design Be?

Below are three clips from Murder by Kitchen Design! A speech I gave to the Pennsylvania NARI chapters at the Fretz Wolf and Subzero showroom in Philadelphia. The talk discussed the 8 most common ways kitchen designers endanger their customers. It was meant to be informative and humorous. Although, I believe some people in the audience were offended having made the dangerous mistakes themselves. The first clip below is the “frightening” introduction:

As noted in the second clip many architectural firms and other kitchen design companies actually have some of these dangerous mistakes displayed on their websites showcasing their incompetence.

The third clip below is the conclusion of the talk. It highlights the TV show with the worst kitchen of all time and answers the two most common questions I get asked about bad kitchen designs.

Another question I get asked is why we chose Julia Child cookbooks to give to our customers when their kitchens are complete. The answer is simple:

Julia Child influenced American cooking more than any other chef past or present. She was knowledgeable and passionate about cooking. I believe it was sharing her passion that was so infectious. At Main Line Kitchen Design, we try to share our passion about kitchen design with our customers. That why it’s Julia’s cookbooks we send out and why my blogs usually end with…

Bon Appetit!


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2 Replies to “Murder by Kitchen Design!”

  1. Jay

    The audio is so bad that it can’t be understood. At least run text with it. Hire a pro to re-do your clips.

    1. pmcalary[ Post Author ]

      Sorry about the audio, it is what it is. But why not simply stay off our web site if it bothers you?

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