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Designing a Kitchen is More Than Just Creating a Floor Plan.

A Good Kitchen Designer Knows All of the Intricacies

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It generally only takes a few minutes to realize the initial value of working with experienced kitchen designers like our designers at Main Line Kitchen Design. Each of us has decades more experience laying out kitchen space than the builders and architects who are needed for the other phases of a kitchen project. Architects create and consider the exterior elevations, supply drawings for additions, or the beams necessary for the permits. Builders and contractors supervise or do the physical work and a myriad of other tasks that go into the complex process of creating a lasting beautiful kitchen.

We cannot emphasize enough – if your kitchen designer isn’t available to see you through the entire process, you’re in for a rough ride! The same goes for customers who once they have plans in hand don’t realize they need additional assistance. To get a kitchen from conception to actuality requires even more expertise than creating the design itself.

For example, builders can encourage ordering cabinetry before walls are framed often creating substantial additional costs that your kitchen designer can help you avoid. Frequent changes take place during the initial construction that affect the cabinetry order. Designers are experienced enough with delivery timelines to assure that everything will be in hand weeks before it’s needed.

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Every kitchen is a unique creation, so the components are never “off the shelf”. Those components aren’t going to be the right components if you don’t have an experienced designer guiding the manufacturer on your expectations and having your best interest at heart. There are literally thousands of parameters.

Consider the sides of your cabinets, which are unfinished, and which are finished? Which are recessed and which are flush? Do they have integrated end panels or applied doors? Do the side panels and doors line up with the doors on the front of the cabinets? The ordering process is so detailed that good designers either have an elaborate checking system or a second set of experienced eyes assisting with all orders.

Then there’s the installation, some of the smallest things can pose challenges like following a recipe you’ve never tried or assembling a toy. Multiply that by the scope of a kitchen and you can understand what the construction team you’ve hired has to deal with. It’s certainly a simpler and more successful task when the designer makes him or herself available to assist with the process.

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At Main Line Kitchen Design, we know that making our customers happy usually requires spending as much time processing orders and consulting during construction as we spent working on the kitchen’s design. The only thing you’ll gain if you stop working with your kitchen designer before your kitchen is complete is aggravation.

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We look forward to helping you every step of the way!

And of course, as Julia said . . . Bon Appetit!

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