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New building codes, custom color matching & other areas of debate

As we move into fall and cooler outside temperatures there are still a few hot topics in kitchen design that will heat up conversations at least in the kitchen design world.

1)  The new building code requiring a replacement air system for all hoods more powerful that 400 CFM’s still creates confusion and tough choices for kitchen designers and their customers. The new code protects the public from the powerful hoods used by many designers and sold by appliance salespeople. The hoods were chosen to compliment professional ranges and cooktops but were poisoning customers with the carbon monoxide exhaust from their furnaces.


2)   Many cabinet lines now do custom color matching for little or no extra charge. Main Line Kitchen Design carries several of these lines giving customers the entire spectrum of paints and stains to choose from.

3)  The invention of inset 6 way adjustable hinges now makes inset cabinetry only a small percentage upgrade in many mid range cabinet lines. In the past inset and beaded inset cabinetry was only available from very high end custom cabinet lines.


4)  Buffered hinges now give the popular buffering option on the cabinet door hinges themselves eliminating the pistons many customers found intrusive before.


5)  Although not available in the design software kitchen designers routinely use yet because renderings and price catalogs would take too long to load, CAD programs can now create images of  kitchens that are hard to distinguish from actual photographs. Once this technology becomes available in the CAD programs that contain kitchen cabinet pricing, kitchen designers will be able to show customers nearly photographic representations of what their proposed kitchens will look like. Amazingly many cabinet company catalogs no longer contain photographs of actual kitchens but are CAD reproductions.

The photos above are of an actual kitchen beautifully photographed by Scott Fredrick Photography and designed by Paul.


Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween and of course as Julia said ….

Bon Appetite!


Paul, Ray, Mary, Tom, and Julie

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