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“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” for two couples who worked with Main Line Kitchen Design.   Both Bob and Jenny Smart and Craig and Lisa Knowbetta began considering their kitchen renovations in late June.   [note – Ladies and Gentleman the story you are about to hear is […]

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A Story Highlighting How Hard It Is To Determine The Best Kitchen Designer In The Room Determining who is the best kitchen designer in Philadelphia is difficult.  This story about several kitchen designers shows why. One Saturday, we were having an open house at a showroom I used to work at. The 5,000 sq foot display area was […]

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A good kitchen designer nudges customers towards better designs & investments in their kitchen . Otherwise upon the completion of a kitchen renovation home owners could find themselves regretting some of their decisions. Below is a short conversion on this topic between Doug Mottershead CKD of McHale’s Kitchen and Bath and Paul of Main Line […]


Review some videos created by Main Line Kitchen Design Below are three videos Main Line Kitchen Design and McHale’s Kitchen and Bath created together. The first one is very funny! It makes the case for why you need a kitchen designer when you are renovating your kitchen. The main character’s part was written and preformed by […]

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Safety is a huge part of your kitchen design An edited version of this article appeared in the May 2011 issue of the national publication of Kitchen & Bath design news. . One of the greatest challenges for a kitchen designer is to create a design that the customer appreciates aesthetically and simultaneously provides them […]

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Check Out These Construction Blunders The Knotthink family has several members who are in design or building. Guy Knotthink, the family patriarch, is now retired but his son Will Knotthink is a general contractor and Will’s sister May Knotthink is an interior designer.  Will’s other sister Ivana Knotthink is an architect.  I’ve selected several photo’s […]


Our A-Class Kitchen Designers Break-Down Famous TV Kitchens with Problems Why are most kitchens so terribly designed?  And why do architects, interior designers, contractors, and even some kitchen designers place so little value on good and even safe kitchen design?  One of the reasons may be that we are bombarded with bad kitchen designs from […]

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Kitchen Design Experts Ponder Philly’s Changing Restaurant Landscape The sale of Le Bec Fin and the loss of it’s 5 star rating has signaled a change in the Philadelphia restaurant landscape, and in a small way, our society as a whole.  Society has become less formal.  Our younger customers usually don’t have sterling silver and china place settings they began to acquire […]

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