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Thanksgiving 2021 with the Knotthinks

To lighten things up this Thanksgiving, I thought I’d give our blog readers an update on recent construction projects completed by the Knotthink Family. Here is a link to our previous check in with this construction challenged family.

To those that aren’t familiar with the the Knotthinks:

The Knotthink family has several members who are in design or building. Guy Knotthink, the family patriarch, is now retired. His son, Will Knotthink, is a general contractor. Will’s sister, May Knotthink, is an interior designer.  Will’s other sister, Ivana Knotthink, is an architect.

Of late, Will Knotthink has been doing work for his township’s roads department. Recent road improvements supervised by Will include these:

Weird road


Highway 13

Light polls facing backwards


Will’s talents illuminated

Crazy bridge


Will can build around, or over, any obstacle

Interior designer May Knotthink has been busy too . . .

Phallic windows


May’s handiwork for a male friend

As always bathrooms remains a particular challenge for the Knotthinks

stupid bathroom design


This Knotthink Women’s room is doubly challenged.

TP holder in shower


Ivana Knotthinks own home. I thought her bath was a role. or roll, model for many of her projects.

Now and again, Main Line Kitchen Design will continue to check in on the intriguing Knotthink family.

Until we do, here’s one last Knotthink building that we know at least Yogi Bear would approve of. We think it’s a Boo Boo though.

picnic basket building

Main Line Kitchen Design wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. And as always . . .


Bon Appetit!

Paul, Julie, Chris, Ed, John, Lauren, Anna, Tom, Juliet, Mark and Camilla

Main Line Kitchen Design

3 Replies to “Thanksgiving 2021 with the Knotthinks”

  1. apluskitchen

    Read the post, it’s really amazing thanksgiving blog like this on kitchen design

  2. Pattie

    To all at Main Line Kitchen Design: Thanks for all your helpful information and guidance- and for the Thanksgiving chuckle. Much appreciated.

    1. pmcalary[ Post Author ]

      Happy Thanksgiving too Pattie.

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