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Main Line Kitchen Design’s Business Model is Better

Main Line Kitchen Design has a different business model than other kitchen showrooms, designers, and cabinetry dealers. The difference helps us to do five important things better than our competitors.

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  1. The kitchens we sell are better designed and our designers are more experienced. Our business model is that we insist on showing customers designs, we recommend, BEFORE, we do a design they request. This way, final designs tend to be more collaborative and professional. Our designers are more experienced because they are better paid and design with more cabinet brands than at other dealers.
  2. Our pricing for cabinets is less than other cabinet dealers. This is because we do not have a showroom open to the public, and we require a small deposit and a screening before we accept customers. This helps our designers spend their time more effectively. It eliminates 80% of the overhead kitchen showrooms spend on staffing, larger displays, and on a curbside location.
  3. We carry more brands of cabinetry than other dealers. This is possible because we display one cabinet for each brand we sell. Through glass countertops clients can examine a brands construction quality, and we display the door styles and finishes of our brands. Instead of the larger displays customers see in traditional showrooms, our customers can view 5 million kitchens on, or the hundreds of our kitchen renovations we show on Houzz, our web site, and in framed photos on the walls of our office building.
  4. Kitchen construction is often better organized and generally costs less. This is because we recommend general contractors free of charge. They supervise construction from scheduling to completion. This eliminates a middleman, reduces delays, and eliminates the fees that almost all showrooms and home centers charge their customers. We are also happy to work with any contractor a customer finds on their own. If we haven’t worked with that contractor before they may need more of our direction, but both companies can benefit from working together and possibly referring each other in the future.
  5. Less problems arise, and if they do, we handle them quickly. This is because 3 kitchen designer look at potential problems during the ordering process. Our Operations Manager Ed Sossich checks orders and schedules all warehouse and home deliveries. Our delivery manager Mark Mitten supervises every delivery and checks in each cabinet and part. And our CRM system, Monday, prompts each person responsible for each phase of a customer’s kitchen with automated alerts. This keeps things moving, even during supply chain disruptions, and ensures there is no overlooking.

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Main Line Kitchen Design’s company slogan is “The world of kitchen design is changing . . . “. We pride ourselves on being innovative in everything we do. From our website and how we advertise, to the gift we send each customer upon the completion of their kitchen.

Our business model helps us receive 100’s of 5-star reviews and makes our kitchen projects more enjoyable for everyone.

We look forward to working with you.

Paul McAlary


Main Line Kitchen Design

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  1. Sandra Trotter (Sandy)

    Hey ya’ll, I just found ya’ll. Your work is lovely and I need help even tho’ I am far, far away. SOS*

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