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Holiday reflections 2022. An insight into a renovation.

Recently I worked with a good friend Rick who decided to renovate his kitchen. Working together and having a trusted friend give me reliable insights into the kitchen renovation process proved enlightening.

Each step of the way, from working on his design to the finishing touches on his kitchen renovation Rick gave me unvarnished appraisals of his experiences. It was never criticism, because we trusted each other and because we aren’t timid about giving each other honest evaluations.

Here’s some of the things I learned from his kitchen renovation:

  1. Being more specific and simplifying the process helps more than always giving pros and cons.
  2. It was important that he meet with the salespeople we listed at the appliance, flooring, and countertop venders we recommended. Those suppliers didn’t necessarily encourage our customers to make an appointment with the salespeople we knew were most experienced. So, we need to make certain that our customers are working with the right salespeople.
  3. While the contractors we work with do a great job, we need to be more involved making sure that estimates are getting done in a timely manner and that everyone is on the same page with the work being done. Reminding contractors and sub-contractors to keep the job site as clean as possible also never hurts.
  4. Nice people are easy to work with. The stress that many people feel during the renovation process is often not being generated by us or the contractors but is internal. While I was constantly worried about the stress created during the renovation my friend was not. The lesson learned was that the remodel process really runs smoothly when everyone trusts each other. Because of this, I have a new appreciation of how important gaining customer trust is. And also, what a warning sign a distrustful customer can be.

After the kitchen was finished friends and family enjoyed a delicious 5 course meal prepared by Rick in the new kitchen. Below is a photo taken after that dinner as we all enjoy a 1963 vintage port selected over 50 years before by Rick’s dad.

Vintage 1963 Port

Here’s some photo’s of the finished kitchen from

During this holiday season we wish everyone the joy of great friends, warm memories,

and of course . . .


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