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Kitchen Checklist for planning a kitchen remodel.

Let Main Line Kitchen Design help you with a kitchen remodel. Use our kitchen checklist.

New Kitchen Cabinets in Berwyn, PA

Below is a Kitchen Checklist listed in order. Homeowners should use this list when remodeling their kitchen.

When kitchen renovations are planned correctly the project runs smoothly and successfully.

  1. Select a cabinet dealer and a kitchen designer to work with.
  2. Have this professional measure the kitchen and come up with a preliminary design.
  3. Rework and refine the design until it is close to complete.
  4. Decide on type of flooring, heating, lighting, doors and windows.
  5. Get estimates from contractors and select a contractor.
  6. Finalize the cabinet line, door style, and finish of the cabinetry.
  7. Select appliances, sink, and usually countertop. BRING ALL YOUR PLANS and make appointments!
  8. Order cabinetry and schedule contractor start date.
  9. Order doors and windows.
  10. Order appliances and sink. Schedule an approximate delivery date.
  11. Select and purchase flooring.
  12. Purchase backsplash tile or material, backsplash grout colors and spacing.
  13. Select and purchase lighting, faucets, and garbage disposal.
  14. Select handles and or knobs.
  15. Decide on paint colors for walls, ceiling, and trim.
  16. With construction nearly complete, shop for furniture.
  17. Purchase kitchen table, chairs, stools, and countertop appliances.
  18. Clean kitchen, rest of home and put everything back into the kitchen.
  19. Shop for your first real dinner in your fabulous new kitchen.
  20. Bon Appetit!

Check Out a kitchen timeline in this blog:   

Natural lighting for this Berwyin PA Kitchen

Watch a stop action renovation below:

3 Replies to “Kitchen Checklist for planning a kitchen remodel.”

  1. Laura

    Hi Paul,
    Thank you so much for your advice! I sincerely appreciate your guidance and wish you were located near me.

  2. Paul McAlary

    Hi Laura,
    I am a big proponent of having one general contractor responsible for all the work. Subdividing work usually ends up costing more and takes longer with some finger pointing along the way. So use the general contractor for supervising, scheduling, and selecting all subcontractors and labor. Also I would buy my countertop directly from the stone yard and cut out the middleman. The cabinets from the kitchen designer should be warrantied against damage no matter who installs them if not I don’t like the company.

    Most kitchen cabinet dealers are better simply doing what they do best, IE Designing kitchens and selling cabinetry and sometimes countertops but only countertops that are man made as these can be selected from samples. Once you are selecting slabs you always save money buying direct from the granite yards. We give our customers our pricing at the granite yards we recommend but most kitchen places will be getting a kickback so I would not tell the granite yard I am working with a particular cabinet dealer or was referred by them unless you can go to several to price compare.

  3. Laura

    Hi Paul,
    Thank you for this checklist! Based on your criteria I think I’ve found a talented kitchen and bath designer in my area. I am also working with a GC. Both say they can install the cabinets. Is there an advantage to havIng one or the other do the installation? I got the impression that if the KD handles it then I have to purchase all the elements for the kitchen from them and I’m afraid there will be a lot of middle man upcharges. The GC will work with my choice of providers of tile, countertops, etc. so I feel like I can better control my costs this way. But, if the GC installs will I have problems if any if the cabinets (ordered from the KD) come in damaged? The KD said they definitely have to handle the countertops if they install, and I must purchase full slabs. Other stone companies just charge only for what you need. I’d appreciate your advice on who should do the install. Thank you!

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