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Another Time Lapse Kitchen Renovation.

Time Lapse kitchen renovations show entire kitchen renovations in a matter of a couple of minutes.

Customers love watching these videos. Over the years we have had several time lapse kitchen renovations photographed using the technique. One of these videos (the second one below) appeared on and went viral in 2014 on our YouTube channel. More than 200,000 people have viewed that video in every country on earth.

The first video below from a few years later features Fabuwood Galaxy Frost cabinetry

This is the most popular cabinet brand, door style, and finish that Main Line Kitchen Design sells. The second video was also a shaker door style, but it was in a much more expensive inset style from the Bishop cabinet brand.

The time lapse video of the kitchen renovation below is courtesy of Jake Ferry our videographer and Jack Gardiner Third Generation Contracting.


The second time lapse video below is the video that went viral.

Ray Gardner who sadly passed away 2020 was the kitchen designer and the video is available through the generosity of our customer. He created the time lapse video, and his young son does the final helicopter kitchen fly by at the end of the video.

We hope you enjoy these videos. Feel free to share. And as always. . .

Bon Appetit!


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