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Are Eclectic Kitchen Designs as Stylish as Kitchen Designers Would Have You Believe?

We Explore Eclectic Kitchen Designs to Get to the Truth

Below is a 2010 NKBA award winning kitchen. It mixes kitchen styles and mediums eclectically, but does it truly work?

You be the Judge:

Eclectic Design Kitchen Design

Yes, even a kitchen trend skeptic would agree that there are some beautiful elements to this 2010 award winner.

I love the antique glazed and distressed refrigerator/freezer doors, especially with the arched open wire doors above. The floor plan surprisingly doesn’t break any important NKBA design rule which is a refreshing change. The sink and the range both have enough countertop each and enough distance between them to meet the requirements of a multiple cook kitchen. And if I was spending over 150k on my kitchen I’d want it to accommodate at least two people cooking.

But do you like the different countertop materials and especially the mixed metals?

The brass bar footrest with the stainless-steel hinges and handles on the refrigerator doors and stainless range. Add to that the polished copper hanging lights and the bronze hood. I can’t see the cabinet handles clearly but I suspect a fifth metal medium there. The ceiling may even be tin not to mention the trim on the recessed lights and the air vent on the ceiling. Possibly 8 different metal finishes not counting the faucet. Yikes!!!!!!

For me the farmhouse beaded doors on the base cabinets on either side of the range and the wall cabinets with the Z bracing are far too rustic to compliment the elegant distressing of the rest of the kitchen. The only thing good about these cabinets is that they match the style and color of the living room ceiling. But if other elements in this kitchen matched that wouldn’t be so necessary.

Overall, I think that this is a beautiful kitchen despite the eclectic elements and not because of them.

I don’t need everything completely coordinated and matching but flaunting style differences is not my taste. Once again, I am reminded of a quote from a Kitchen Designer I know: “If you are Leonardo Di Vinci and know all the rules of engineering you should be allowed to break them, but you my friend, don’t even have the beard.”

Paul McAlary

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