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At Main Line Kitchen Design, You’re in Good Company.

Every week over 8,000 people read our kitchen design and cabinetry blog. Hundreds ask questions about cabinetry and design online and many people call in to our Podcast Fridays 2-4 pm EST with similar questions. At Main Line Kitchen you are in good company.

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Who the people are that read our blogs, Facebook posts, and ask questions is as interesting as the questions they ask. For example on Facebook the majority of the people who read our posts are women. However, our Facebook quiz determining kitchen design IQ was read by predominately men 25 -45. See Link.

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Main Line Kitchen Design’s viral kitchen renovation video has been viewed in 188 different countries around the world. So, all but 7 of the existing Nations. Over the last 18 months people from nearly every country except Greenland have been on our site. Countries I had to look up like Kyrgyzstan have had many visitors. So why no visitors from Greenland?

Famous Bala Cynwyd Kitchen
Famous Bala Cynwyd, PA Kitchen
The vast majority of people who arrive on our site get there for the first time by a Google search. They average spending about two minutes on our site, while people coming from Yahoo or Bing spend a minute longer and DuckDuckGo searchers average 4 minutes. We’re hoping DuckDuckGo takes off as a search engine 🙂

People asking questions on our site tend to focus on cabinet brand quality which is why our 2020 cabinet ranking post is so popular. However, our site stresses the importance of the kitchen design and working with a knowledgeable Kitchen Designer above getting too focused on particular cabinet brands. While our Blog questioners tend to overlook this, our Friday podcast callers do not. They routinely send in kitchen designs to have us critique.

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Always available to take questions.

All the people writing and calling us have two things in common. A desire to learn more about kitchen design and kitchen cabinetry, and a heartwarming thankfulness for the information we make available. It’s one of the reasons our designers like taking Friday phone calls and why we started recording those calls for our podcast.

You are in good company, and we look forward to answering your questions

Main Line Kitchen Design

Paul, Julie, Ed, Chris, Lauren, John, Anna, Tom and Stacia.

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