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Construction Changes are the Best Investments in a Kitchen Renovation.

Construction changes are by far the best investments when you are renovating a kitchen. Surprisingly, these investments are usually considered last by homeowners who chose instead cabinet, appliance, and countertop upgrades. While those upgrades can be nice and add some value to a kitchen renovation project, they pale in comparison to the investment rewards that removing a wall, moving a doorway or enlarging or moving a window can add to a home’s net worth.

built in oven collection

Homeowners can focus on color selections such as getting a custom Dove White painted finish over an Egg Shell finish. Or choosing a Navy-Blue finish over a more common Gray. These type of color upgrades often cost several thousand dollars. Selecting professional appliances such as a SubZero refrigerator and a Wolf cooktop or range would cost at least 8 thousand dollars more than selecting a GE profile slide-in range and counter depth refrigerator.

KBIS 2016 9
KBIS 2016

The eight thousand dollars difference could pay for ALL the following construction changes: Removing a load bearing wall, moving gas and plumbing lines, enlarging and lowering a window, and adding patio doors. Any one of those changes, and certainly all of them, would transform a home. While the appliance upgrades would be nice, the construction changes could make a home tens of thousands of dollars more valuable than others in that neighborhood.

Kitchen that removed walls and added windows and doors
Kitchen that removed walls and added windows and doors

Unfortunately, homeowners, real estate agents and contractors have a hard time envisioning design changes and often fight changes believing that they are not needed and are too troublesome and expensive. And when you can’t envision a kitchen transformed by radical design improvements you focus on what you can envision. Colors and material upgrades.

Paul and Doug
Paul McAlary and Doug Mottershead explain why you need a kitchen designer.

This is why Main Line Kitchen Design INSISTS on showing our customers design changes first. Even when customers fight us, insisting it isn’t what they want. We know that over 75% of our customers choose very different kitchen designs than they originally planned. So, we simply start with the design improvements that the kitchen designer recommends and then change the design into what the customer wants after they have considered ALL of their options.

We don’t make money on design changes and in fact eliminating color, countertop, or cabinet style upgrades COSTS us money. But giving customers a better kitchen for their investment makes everyone happier and helps us earn 5-star reviews and referrals.

2 Replies to “Construction Changes are the Best Investments in a Kitchen Renovation.”

  1. Cheryl Ferreira

    We’re on a third visit to our designer’s show room. Kemper, Kabinart and ultra craft are the lines shown to us. Focus ha been on style and color, but now worried I don’t know enough about the design / work flow and long term quality of the 3 options. I read reviews and saw negative and positive reviews on all three, yikes, we were leaning toward ultra craft. Any advise on product quality of this product would be so helpful. We have to make some decisions. Also is there an easy to use kitchen planner to try out different layouts? We’re in RI by the way.

    1. pmcalary[ Post Author ]

      Hi Cheryl,
      Here is our review of the top 140 most popular US cabinet lines.
      You will see that we rate these lines poorly in general, although if you are getting frameless cabinets, which I would only recomend if you are choosing a modern style slab door, then Ultracraft upgraded to 3/4″ plywood is a good choice.

      What worries me here is the cabinet lines this showroom has chosen to carry. Their choices IMO imply that they might not be that knowledgeable about cabinets. This makes me wonder what else they might not know? I would recommend sending us your kitchen design and calling us on a Friday between 2 and 4 pm EST to have us look at your design and critique it. We do this free of charge for customers outside our service area during those two hours each week except holidays.

      If your design looks good and you are getting a slab style door then you are all set. Otherwise there might be problems we can help you correct.

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