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Don’t Rush Decisions When You Are Remodeling Your Kitchen.

Why Taking Your Time Is Necessary During Kitchen Remodeling?

Several years ago, my sister Alison remodeled her kitchen.  While her kitchen was one of more than 100 kitchens Main Line Kitchen Design sold this year, the intimate perspective I got from working with a family member helped me better appreciate the value of taking the necessary time to make important decisions when remodeling.

Blue and white kitchen in Wynnewood, PA featuring Fabuwood frost cabinets with an indigo island

As with many of our customers, Alison’s kitchen continued to change as she and her husband made all of their selections.

During the early stages of the design process, Alison and her husband Kevin wrestled with some of my design suggestions. Removing the load bearing wall between the dining room and the kitchen was something everyone agreed on but closing a doorway and choosing a peninsula instead of an island were two recommendations that were difficult for them to feel comfortable with. It took examining other alternative designs and time before these choices felt right for everyone.

Once the design was done, there was some delay while all the pieces in a complex remodeling project were resolved.

Finding a contractor was especially difficult since my sister lives outside of Boston. I recommended using, Angie’s list, and her friends as the most reliable resources to find a general contractor. After several meetings with contractors that just didn’t feel right, she met the contractor she ultimately chose, Terrence. Alison’s willingness to devote time until she found a capable contractor paid off! The help she got from Terrence and his attention to detail was invaluable.

During the design process the traditional door style they originally chose became a more transitional style.

The color of their cabinetry became an eggshell instead of a beige. And the tile design over the range became simpler and less dramatic.

The granite countertop they picked was also affected by Alison’s extended timeline. She began to notice the level one granite colors used in restaurants and hotels, and as she became familiar with them, she began to like those colors less.

Main Line Kitchen Design Kitchen
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In the end, my sister got a beautiful kitchen that she loves.

She told me she sometimes finds excuses to go downstairs just to look at her kitchen, and it always cheers her up when she is stressed. The elements that she loves the most wouldn’t have been her selections if she had rushed into her renovation immediately.

Often time is the investment people aren’t able to make to get themselves the best kitchen for the best price.

Plan carefully, get professional help making your selections and learn about the products you are considering. If you give yourself a little more time like my sister Alison, your kitchen can be a place that will lift your spirits each and every time you enter it.

Alison's kitchen
Alison’s kitchen

Hoping you take the time remodeling to get the best kitchen…  and of course …

Bon Appetit!


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2 Replies to “Don’t Rush Decisions When You Are Remodeling Your Kitchen.”

  1. Dorka

    Soon will be remodeling my kitchen

  2. Alison Bullock

    Our experience with Main Line Kitchen Design was fantastic! We are so grateful for the time Paul put into our kitchen and his attention to detail. He not only designed a wonderful kitchen, but he changed the flow and floor plan of our house for the better! Now we finally have a space that is ideal for entertaining, a space that we can truly enjoy. Thank you Main Line Kitchen!

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