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How to Make a Better Kitchen Cabinet.

Mark Smith, Industry and Technology teacher from Reed Custer High School shows a novel way to make a better kitchen cabinet. If more kitchen cabinet companies employed people like Mark, our industry would be far better off.

Mark Smith Teacher who invented a better constructed cabinet
Mark Smith

Below is a link to his Instagram video on making a better kitchen cabinet.

In his video Mark acknowledges the superiority of framed versus frameless cabinetry but goes one step further making a truly superior framed cabinet.

Notice his design is pocket screwing and gluing the plywood sides of his cabinet into his rabbited face frame. Plus, he is using superior frameless hinges on framed cabinetry with his novel back plate for even more stability and strength. What an Ingenius way to invent a better kitchen cabinet!

How can so many incredibly expensive cabinet brands with fine furniture finishes and exotic woods types not be using these types of relatively inexpensive and innovative upgrades?

Here are two other blogs that explain the difference between framed and frameless cabinetry and cabinet construction.

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