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I’m Doing a Kitchen Addition. What’s My First Step?

Designing Your Kitchen Addition Is Easy with Our Help

Contrary to what most people believe, the most productive and cost effective first step in planning a kitchen addition is to come to Main Line Kitchen Design first and to an Architect second.

This is because you need to plan the layout of your kitchen before you can finalize the locations of doors, windows, and even the size of the addition. Having a general idea of the total cost of a project BEFORE you begin having architectural drawings created also helps avoid paying for drawings that will never become a reality.

Kitchen addition

This is also far more cost effective since designing the kitchen costs almost nothing to start.

At Main Line Kitchen Design, the first several appointments are included in our initial 150-dollar deposit. Afterwards this design deposit is applied towards your cabinet order.  Planning an addition with an architect before you have planned your kitchen design wastes money. It creates plans that will always need to be changed once you meet with your kitchen designer.

Beautiful kitchen in new luxury home addition with island, pendant lights, and hardwood floors. Features stainless steel appliances, including double oven, refrigerator, gas range and hood.

Design your kitchen addition inside out and you will end up paying for only one set of final architectural plans.

Whether it’s your architect, general contractor, or kitchen designer, we all want you to have an aesthetically pleasing exterior to your new space. But because the kitchen is the hub of your home, it needs to be planned first and not be an afterthought in a space already created.

Not all kitchen design firms are experienced enough to fill this role in planning your kitchen.  At Main Line Kitchen Design, we would rather see our customers sooner than later.   Once previous work has been done it becomes more difficult and expensive to give you the best kitchen possible.

Let experts in every area involved in your kitchen addition help you along the way.  

Begin by letting the experts in kitchens themselves get you on the right path. Your journey will be far straighter than those taken by most of the kitchen addition customers.

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Hoping all your spring kitchen projects run smoothly.  And as always………

Bon Appetit!

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