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Kitchen Design vs Kitchen Cabinets

Since 2004 Google searches for Kitchen Design vs Kitchen Cabinets have decreased. SEE GRAPH BELOW.

chart of kitchen design vs kitchen cabinets
Kitchen Design vs Kitchen Cabinet Google searches shown above.

As Google searches for kitchen design vs kitchen cabinets decreases the trend shows that homeowners are becoming convinced that kitchen design is less important than selecting cabinets – and this is NOT good. Once again, the internet, HGTV, and home design programs are creating a false sense of knowledge. This misinformation drives the belief that kitchen design is less important than selecting cabinets. And the misconception is becoming greater as time goes by.

The toughest patients for doctors, and the toughest car owners for mechanics, respectively, are the people who want to direct their health care and auto repair work, after making a few Google searches. Kitchen designers also deal with a client base overly confident and uninformed about kitchen design. Homeowners are so uninformed that they aren’t even using the internet to do the searches that will help them.

Here’s the reality – the value of every home is determined by the kitchen design and not by the cost of the materials selected.

Additionally, kitchen design has become far more complex in the last 18 years. And cabinetry has become easier to evaluate.

One of the reasons that the complexity of kitchen renovations has drastically increased is because the kitchen has such an impact on home value. Additionally, as the total cost of even the simplest kitchen renovation has skyrocketed, the cost of removing walls and making design changes has changed very little. This means that design changes have become a smaller and smaller expense in comparison to the cost of the overall project and, so, the number of design considerations is nearly endless.

Conversely, cabinet selection is much more straightforward.

For example, Main Line Kitchen Design gives an easy-to-read evaluation of the top 100 cabinet brands in the post below:

Cabinet Reviews for 2022. Ratings for Kitchen Cabinet Brands. – (

As our cabinet reviews show there are well constructed cabinet brands available across all price points.

As design possibilities within any budget become more complex, the possibility of an amateur spending renovation money wisely shrinks. To make matters worse, when you don’t appreciate how much you don’t know, confidence in your decisions increases. This is the definition of the Dunning-Krugger Effect.

See our funny video that makes this point in a humorous way.

$65,000 range
$65,000 Range – Make sure your design is maximized before splurging on an appliance like this!

Homeowners who splurge on expensive professional appliances or custom cabinetry, but leave their existing kitchen design as is, make a major mistake. The smart decision is to investigate what experienced design pros would do with their space.

person using iPad to envision a kitchen design

We aren’t good at our jobs if decades of experience doesn’t translate into better kitchens than nonprofessional kitchen designers can think of. Most importantly, as all kitchen designers will tell you, “A little bit of knowledge is the most dangerous”. As a result, the worst designs we will see come from architects, contractors, interior designers, and real estate agents.

Hoping that you do the right Google search . . .
and of course . . .

Bon Appetit!

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