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Kitchen IQ score

Here are the answers to the questions.

  1. False. Kitchens need to be completely planed by professional kitchen designers and cabinets ordered BEFORE demolition is begun. The people that finish a kitchen renovation the fastest are never the people that started first, they are the people that planned the best.
  2. False. Soapstone is the only type of top that is safe placing a hot pot from your stove on.
  3. False. You can never put ten pounds of sausage in an eight-pound wrapper. Usually, 36″ high cabinets with a two-piece crown molding reaching the ceiling works best for an 96″ ceiling. For a perfectly laser leveled ceiling 39″ wall with a single molding can work.
  4. False. The company that sells you your cabinetry should measure so that any misunderstandings, or miss measurements are their mistakes. They will then replace what is needed.
  5. False. All painted cabinetry is less durable even the most expensive custom cabinetry is subject to the same problems as less expensive brands.
  6. False. As of April 2019, all major cabinet brands sold in the US have to adhere to the same Carb 2 standards that only used to be enforced in California. There is no higher standard that any authority rates.
  7. False. Because of lower labor costs, for inexpensive cabinet brands, the better values are all lines that import their cabinet fronts and doors. Once you are in higher price points then the US brands are the best value.
  8. False. Solid wood doors on a slab style-stained wood door will have unsightly stripes on the doors showing where one piece of wood is glued to another. A veneered door looks better and is almost always what’s sold.
  9. False. Stopping by a showroom will give you little information. Particularly without an appointment since even home Center designers work only by appointment. To give you pricing and to see if the styles and appliances you like work in your space, designers should measure your kitchen first and have you come in for an appointment second. Then they can answer questions intelligently about your particular kitchen.
  10. False. Good kitchen designers do not make a customer’s dream a reality. Good kitchen designers educate customers as to what’s possible and then customers make the design and selection choices considering the information they didn’t have before. When the customer and the designer work together the compromise kitchen is usually far better looking, more functional and often costs less.


Add up all your False answers since all the correct answers are False. What’s your total?

9 or 10 You’re a Genius! Albert Einstein or Leonardo da Vinci probably couldn’t do better.

7 or 8 OK you’re not a kitchen genius but we applaud the effort

5 or 6 You really need a kitchen designer’s help. Thankfully that’s what we do!

4 or below Please call us before you do anything. And whatever you do, DO NOT rip your kitchen out without a finished printed design and your cabinets already ordered from a professional cabinet dealer.

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