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Reasons NOT to buy cabinets from kitchen contractors.

Homeowners who buy cabinets from kitchen contractors usually pay more than necessary and, often, get inferior kitchen designs, as well. This occurs because too many unscrupulous contractors markup cabinet prices – up to as much as 50%.  Homeowners who buy cabinets directly from a reputable cabinet dealer not only avoid this rip-off – they also often receive expert design guidance at no additional charge.  Contractors who require customers to purchase their cabinets from them instead of from a cabinet dealer are marking the cabinets up to increase their own profits. Main Line Kitchen Design only sells cabinets to homeowners. We do not work with contractors who want to resell cabinets to their customers. 

Galley Kitchen range and sink side
Galley Kitchen by designed by Chris Rossetti and installed by Carlos Remodeling

Main Line Kitchen Design will NEVER sell directly to contractors.

Main Line Kitchen Design designers ONLY sell directly to homeowners to ensure that everything is transparent. Our allegiance is to the people we are helping make the important decisions involved in a kitchen remodel.

It is important to us that homeowners have opportunity to consider all options and be the ones making all the selections.

The contractors we work with understand this. They accept that while they might receive a small referral fee for sending their customers to us, their customers will get the same pricing we offer everyone. The contractors also understand that we make design recommendations based on the customers’ best interests. We are available to all contractors for consultation and guidance throughout the construction but have no investment in the ease or the complexity of the installation. 

Fabuwood Galaxy Frost kitchen

Why would a cabinet dealer sell to contractors?

Many nearby kitchen purveyors, including Sterling Kitchens and A&C kitchens, actually prefer dealing directly with contractors because they are repeat customers. This business model is at the homeowner’s expense.

Alternatively, other area companies including Chester County Kitchen and Bath subcontract to contractors. This business model adds a 25% general contractors fee to customers’ projects. However, it is transparent and provides the turnkey renovation that some homeowners prefer.

View towards pantry and basement.

Main Line Kitchen Design is unique in recommending general contractors who then bid against each other.

At Main Line Kitchen Design, we carefully vet the contractors we recommend and work with.  An advantage of working with contractors recommended by Main Line Kitchen Design is the many years of kitchen installation experience they all have.  We also welcome homeowners to work with contractors they feel are qualified and we may not know.  This often introduces us to other contractors we add to our highly qualified referral network. 

Our customers always choose who they want to work with. This saves the additional 20% subcontracting fee we would have charged if customers preferred to make the project a turnkey renovation and hire Main Line Kitchen Design to be a (not recommended) go-between between them and their contractor.

Main Line Kitchen Design is happy to work with customers under either scenario. The most important part of the process is being transparent with our clients. Our top priorities are our customers best interests which include the best kitchen design, no needless overcharges and transparency.

Contact us today to get transparent pricing and as always . . .

Bon Appetit!

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