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Reducing the stress of kitchen remodeling.

Main Line Kitchen Design provides ways to reduce the stress homeowners feel during kitchen remodeling.

While no kitchen remodel or new home construction can be stress free, there are many
ways of reducing stress. Planning, planning, followed by more planning almost assures that
things will run smoothly.

Conversely, rushing dramatically increases mistakes and miscommunication, and the stress
associated with them. Too often homeowners, in a frantic effort to “get a jump on things”,
begin a kitchen project without everything needed for the project in place. See A tale of two kitchens

kitchen on ipad

The first requisite for minimal stress is to work with an experienced professional. In addition
to requisite design experience, a qualified kitchen designer will also provide the timelines of
what needs to be ordered. Homeowners foolhardy enough to proceed without expert
support are guaranteed to incur increased costs and delays due to disorganization aka MORE

All qualified kitchen designers defer to general contractors on building costs. But
completing kitchen designs with an experienced kitchen designers BEFORE getting
construction estimates is essential! Getting at least three estimates from general contractors
will provide three different professionals insights to the job, and costs nothing. And having
contractors bid on professionally completed designs means contractors are bidding
“apples to apples’ and know the scope of the work they are quoting. This promotes lower
and more accurate estimates and, of course, less stress.

Steps to avoid stress before construction begins

  1. Remove everything being saved from the renovation zone and throw out everything
    you can.
  2. Create a space in your home that will act as your temporary kitchen. Set your microwave, toaster oven and refrigerator up in this area, along with food, paper plates, and other supplies. Remodeling in the spring though the fall can also allow you to grill outside easily. Many find picking up or bookmarking takeout menus is helpful as well.
  3. Clear out as much of your garage as you can. Having contractors work in your garage when possible is much less stressful and noisy than inside your home.
  4. Try to be away for some of the early construction work. Homeowners should not be needed for this phase, and it is the loudest and most intrusive. Homeowners without construction expertise often stress needlessly during this early phase.

Man doing demolition

Steps to avoid stress during construction

  1. Focus on the big picture. You are soon going to have a spectacular home. “It takes
    breaking some eggs to make an omelet”!
  2. Main Line Kitchen Design is at the ready to assist with resolving any issues that
  3. Work with the professionals you have chosen. Being adversarial will hurt you more than you know. Having coffee and donuts for the crew is a small gesture with big returns that also contribute to – you got it, less stress!
  4. If you are working with Main Line Kitchen Design, you will meet Mark Mitten our delivery
    manager when your cabinets arrive. Mark will also have “Safety Paul” – Main Line Kitchen
    Design’s exclusive stress relief ball on hand.
Safety Paul squeeze ball
Safety Paul

Safety Paul can help relieve stress too. But, with the organizational and planning help of our kitchen
designers, your stress will be limited, and you won’t need to squeeze Safety Paul too often.

 Mark and "Safety Paul" work some things out.
 Mark and “Safety Paul” work some things out.

Again – no kitchen renovation or new home construction can be stress free. But with
planning, and working with and listening to qualified professionals, you’ll be enjoying the
kitchen of your dreams with much less stress!

Wishing our customers, a stress-free summer . . . and of course . . .

Bon Appetit!

Paul, Julie, Chris, Ed, Lauren, John, Camilla, Juliet, and Mark

Main Line Kitchen Design

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