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Style and color trends for kitchens in 2024

Redfin, the real estate company, recently asked Main Line Kitchen Design and several interior design companies for predictions on style and color trends for 2024. From these industry professionals they compiled a comprehensive article forecasting interior design changes for 2024.

While Main Line Kitchen Design is focused on strictly kitchen style and color trends, other interior design professionals made some bold predictions. You can read the complete article on these design trends HERE.

Predictions: What are we leaving behind? What do you predict will go out of style? What’s emerging?

Cabinet style and color trends – While shaker door styles will remain popular, other recessed panel doors and raised panel doors will cut into the previous popularity of the shaker door style. At its height shaker door styles accounted for 70% of all cabinetry sales. Shaker cabinetry accounting for only half of all sales would not surprise me in 2024.

White on White kitchen popular for over ten years

While painted white and off-white finishes will remain popular, other colors like navy blue and lighter blues, grays, dark and light greens, and light stains will grow in popularity. Glazing will also increase in popularity. 

White raised panel door style small trend towards more traditional cabinetry

At its height whites and off-whites accounted for 75% of all cabinetry sales. 50% or less in 2024 would be a good guess.

Countertop style and color trends – While engineered quartz countertops will remain the most popular countertop material, granite, quartzite, soapstone and other natural and countertops, along with other man-made materials like Dekton and Corian will gain in popularity. At its height engineered quartz accounted for almost 90% of all countertops. 75% by the end of 2024 would be a good guess. See the natural quartzite countertop lit from below in the attached photos.

White shaker kitchens with white quartz countertops remained the most popular kitchen style for over a decade. The public is beginning to grow tired of the same thing. Consequently, as more people choose other finishes and styles those choices will go better with different solid surface countertops. For example, natural stone goes better with traditional cabinet door styles, as do stained finishes and glazing. Dekton, one of the only surfaces like soapstone undamaged by heat, is more affordable and is releasing new patterns that wrap around the edge of the countertops. Natural stones and acrylics like Corian can be lit up! See photo below.

Light up countertops a possible style trend in the future

Customers are not only growing tired of the same white on white kitchens, but they have also learned that painted cabinetry is less durable than stained cabinetry. Because of this more customers are choosing stained finishes.

The much-maligned MDF doors are becoming harder as the new MDF and HDF materials become denser. These denser and smoother finish choices will make wood painted cabinetry less in demand. Expansion seams that were acceptable in the past on painted wood cabinetry will no longer be acceptable. Teaching consumers that the MDF and HDF materials are OK will be a challenge.

What do cabinet makers see changing?

Kitchen style and color trends for cabinet manufacturers – Main Line Kitchen Design requested data from our two most popular selling cabinet brands Brighton and Fabuwood. These brands also represent both ends of the price spectrum. Brighton is a more expensive custom cabinet brand and Fabuwood a US/Import relatively inexpensive semi-custom brand. Both companies confirmed our analysis and still have white and off-white shaker and recessed panel doors as top sellers. However, different colors in both lines are growing in popularity. In Brighton the 5th and sixth most popular colors are stains over the last 12 months. And 4th and 5th over the last 90 days. For Fabuwood the third most popular door style and finish is Fusion Dove, a recessed panel glazed door style. In Brighton the popular stain colors are on expensive woods like quartersawn white oak and walnut.

Diversity will be a refreshing change for kitchen designers as selling predominately white on white shaker kitchens for over ten years has made our jobs a little less interesting.

Whatever your style preferences Main Line Kitchen Design looks forward to making your kitchen a place you love and enjoy.

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