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10 Things the best Kitchen Designers do

There are many different design techniques and backgrounds common among the best kitchen designers. Some designers are blunt while others are gentile. Some use photographs or displays as tools to explain design concepts, others use 3D software and tape measurers to convey the same design principals. Some kitchen designers help clients to discover design advantages on their own when making important decisions. Other designers take a leadership role in the designer/client relationship.

Kitchen designers can have college degrees in design or be industry certified CKD’s. Many come from construction backgrounds. Often the most successful kitchen designers fell into kitchen design by accident. These designers might have been architects, engineers or quite often teachers.

All the best kitchen designers I have met share some things in common.

Below is my list of the Top 10 things that the best kitchen designers always do.

Kitchen designer
  1. Always see the customers home and measure the space before doing any design work.
  2. Show customers designs they think are best, BEFORE, doing the design a customer requests.
  3. Never intentionally sell a kitchen with mistakes or hazardous design features – EVEN when the customer insists.
  4. Always show the customer the less expensive and more expensive versions of any design.
  5. Accept and recognize when a design change is better – even if it wasn’t the designer’s idea.
  6. Help customers stay within their budget without regard for the designer’s commission.
  7. Warn customers about potential problems such as paint durability, seams on mitered doors showing, frameless cabinetry’s structural limitations, unpopular style choices, or designs that hurt a home’s resale value.
  8. Have the patience and take the time to explain what’s important in detail.
  9. It is always in your best interest to never design with 24″ wide single door cabinets, taller than 42″ high wall cabinets, or diagonal sinks.
  10. Always respond to phone calls and emails within 48 hours. Even when on vacation.

2 Replies to “10 Things the best Kitchen Designers do”

  1. Therese

    Hello Paul,
    Is it preferable to go for solid wood for Shaker doors or go for a brand that offers a MDF panel? I like the Crestwood brand but two other brands I am considering offer an MDF panel (RD Henry and Karman)
    Thank you,

    1. pmcalary[ Post Author ]

      Hi Therese,
      I think a recessed MDF center panel is preferable to a solid wood panel on a painted door style. Solid wood is fine but in no way better.

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