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The Top Six Kitchen Renovation Myths

Our list of the top six myths about kitchen remodeling not only debunks the top kitchen renovation misconceptions but it also identifies the sources of the misinformation.

  1. Removing a load bearing wall is very expensive. This myth comes from HGTV and other poorly researched home remodeling shows. In reality removing a load bearing wall that might cost 2 or 3 thousand dollars is very little compared to cabinet and appliance upgrades. And removing a wall with a lot of ductwork and plumbing could be far more expensive than removing a load bearing wall.

L shape kitchen with peninsula

2. You can reuse your granite countertop and save money when you remodel your kitchen. Insurance companies propagate this myth is because they don’t understand the countertop industry. No contractor would be qualified removing a granite or quartz top and reinstalling it, and no countertop company will remove and replace your existing top for any less than a new top in the same color would cost. This is due to the likelihood of the top breaking during removal and because it is more work removing AND replacing than simply buying a new top.

L shape kitchen with cooktop and double oven

3. The more expensive the cabinets, countertops, and appliances the more durable they are. People that sell these products have a vested interest in consumers believing this. In reality the cost of these materials has very little affect once you get to a certain, easy to afford, level of quality. Custom cabinets, higher priced countertops, and professional appliances can be beautiful, but they don’t last particularly longer and can be damaged just as easily.

dining room table

4. Architects are good kitchen designers. Architects themselves propagate this myth. While someone with a degree in architecture could work as a full-time kitchen designer and bring an added level of expertise to their customers, in reality most architects don’t design kitchens exclusively or work for cabinet dealers. The lack of experience makes them terrible designers. The saying “A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing” describes the issue best.

kitchen with subzero

5. The first step in starting a kitchen renovation is getting estimates from contractors. Contractors, HGTV, and false assumptions made by consumers feed this myth. The best place to start working on most kitchen renovations is with the kitchen cabinet dealer and an experienced designer working there. The designer can give you ballpark estimates on construction to help you budget. Once you complete the kitchen design, which is usually quite different from what a customer initially plans, several contractors can bid on the detailed and fleshed in project. Contractor’s bidding “apples to apples” will get you more accurate and lower estimates. Not to mention that the contractor will not be able to inflate material costs.

6. You know exactly what you want. A simple lack of knowledge is responsible for this myth, and MANY people contemplating a kitchen renovation firmly believe it. In fact, the more certain that a consumer is the more likely they are to be spending their remodeling budget poorly and on a bad design. Doug Mottershead says it best and in a funny way in our video. Click on photo below:

Paul and Doug
Doug explains why you don’t know what you don’t know.

As Paul says in the video “We are here if you need us”

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