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Why You Need a Professional Kitchen Designer

The most valuable part of your kitchen renovation is the design of the kitchen itself. Professional kitchen designers understand that it takes a decade for anyone, no matter how talented, to become proficient at designing kitchens. And yet many people believe that coming up with the best design for a particular space and spending their renovation budget effectively should be easy for non-design professionals.

kitchen with dining room table

Homeowners, contractors, architects, engineers and real estate agents often believe that a kitchen designer is not needed for their project. And even though professional assistance from a kitchen designer comes free with the purchase of cabinetry from most kitchen cabinet dealers, people can still stubbornly refuse to accept free input from someone who’s been designing and selling kitchens for decades. They believe that they know how they use their kitchen and as every kitchen designer hears several times a day that they “know exactly what they want”.

Here is our funny video that tries to put that belief in perspective. Click on image below:

Kitchen Designers
Kitchen Designers Paul McAlary and Doug Mottershead

At Main Line Kitchen Design, we know that you cannot be an expert in everything. This is why we refer our customers to expert salespeople for appliances, flooring, lighting, and backsplash tile. It is also why we subcontract to or simply recommend expert installers.

When you are working on a complex renovation you need experts in every field. We hope you will let Main Line Kitchen Design be your experts for designing your kitchen and selling you the cabinets that best suit your needs and budget.

Have a great Labor Day weekend and of course . . .

Bon Appetit!

Paul, Julie, Ed, John, Laura, Tom, and Stacia

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