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With Kitchen Cabinet Conveniences – Simpler is Better.

Let us explain the logic behind this philosophy…

Over the past twenty years, kitchen cabinet storage solutions have become increasingly diverse and popular. Chef’s pantries, tall pantry pull outs, spice pull outs, corner drawers, mixer lifts and blind corner solutions like the Lemans and Magic Corner are very popular. But usually, as the “cool” factor increases on these cabinet interior devices their practicality decreases. Let’s look at some examples:

chefs pantry

Spice PO

The chef’s pantry and spice pull out at first glance all seem like great conveniences. However, think about each this way: first, having all the shelves pull out together means that the shelves above obscure what’s on the shelves below. You may need to crouch and look at each shelf from the side to see what’s on it. What if each shelf just pulled out individually? Well then, you could simply examine each shelf and pick up what was on it. Not to mention, the stress cabinets are put under when the cabinet’s contents cantilever out of the cabinet, or the weight of heavy canned goods is put on hinges.

The chef’s pantry, although seemingly convenient, actually diminishes usable storage space. While less convenient, simple shelves use up 10% of the space inside a cabinet. The more convenient roll out shelves give the easiest access to the cabinet while only using up 25% of its space. The chef’s pantry eats up almost 50% of the usable space inside the cabinet to allow for moving parts and the gaps needed for them to operate.

Pantry roll outs

Above is a pantry with simple roll outs. On average it costs $1000 less than a chef’s pantry and provides 50% more usable space. The cabinetry will also last longer without the added stress of the mechanisms.

Corner drawers

The corner drawers above are a favorite with many kitchen designers who don’t realize how much storage space they eat up. The drawers only make available 40% of the space of the cabinet. The easy reach cabinet or easy reach lazy Susan make available 90% or 75% respectively. See the example below:

Super Susan

Mixer bases are another example of sacrificing storage space for “cool”. As the photo below shows, mixer bases take up close to an entire medium size cabinet.

Table inside cabinet

If you thought lifting the mixer up would save a step – think again. You probably won’t want to be operating the mixer anywhere but on a stable countertop where splashes don’t land on the floor and where you can work effectively. You will find yourself moving the mixer onto the countertop most of the time anyway.

Finally, the three very popular corner devices pictured below are equally flawed. Kitchen designers should use these storage solutions as a last resort when super Susans, easy reaches or corner lazy Susans aren’t possible.

line cabinet swing out

line cabinet swing out

line cabinet swing out

As with many things, the simple solution is often the best. However, if you have a large kitchen and aren’t concerned about storage space, then all these storage solutions do add a WOW factor.

After understanding the limits of “cool,” below is a link to some of the storage solutions Main Line Kitchen Design can incorporate:

Link to Storage Solutions

We look forward to helping you get the kitchen of your dreams …

and of course…

Bon Appetit!

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