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Posted December 27, 2012 by pmcalary

Wide view of the 2015 Delcy Award winning kitchen from the Main Line in Phladelphia

The Experienced Kitchen Designers at Main Line Pleasantly Shock Clients With Their Designs

“You HAVE to see our new kitchen” is something many of our customers say not only to us but to their friends and family after their kitchen is completed.  However, the customers that are this excited are not the ones most people outside our industry would suspect.

Almost all of our customers come to us believing that they know the floor plan and even the door style and color of the cabinetry that they would prefer.  Sometimes they have even selected all their appliances.   The easiest thing for any kitchen designer to do is simply to make that customers dream a reality.

However the initial kitchen of a customers dreams is limited by their own design experience and the products that they know about.

At Main Line Kitchen Design, we always tell our customers that we aren’t doing our job if we’re not shocking, or at least surprising them with alternative designs and materials.  We simply wouldn’t be good at what we do if our many years of experience didn’t translate into a better kitchen at a better price than our customers could come up with on their own.

When we do make our customers initial dream kitchen a reality and the project is complete we usually get an warm thank you.  However, when our customers allow our designers to spend the hours with them considering alternative designs and materials, the result is a kitchen that is a combination of  our designer’s knowledge and experience and what our customers truly like after considering all their options.  And, this is when we get the phone call or email that makes our work so rewarding and customers tell us “You HAVE to see our new kitchen!!!!!”

We smile when we hear it or read it because we really don’t need to see the finished kitchen – we have our customer’s  kitchen on our laptop and in our minds eye, and know it like the face of an old friend.

Hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful summer, and of course as Julia said ….. Bon Appetit!




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