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Kitchen Cabinet Storage Solutions

Kitchen Cabinet Storage Solutions Available from Main Line Kitchen Design

There are many possible kitchen storage solutions available for base, wall, and tall pantry cabinets. Rev-A-Shelf is the most common manufacturer for many of these internal cabinet convenances. Other manufacturers include Hafele, Kessebohmer, and sometimes the individual cabinet brands. 

The cabinet storage solutions can be as simple as a roll out, or as complicated as a Lemans blind base storage. At the bottom of the page is a link to the 47 most common cabinet storage conveniences.

Probably the most common “must have” storage convenience besides a simple cabinet roll out is a double trash pull out. This convenience is best located on one side of a primary sink, in an island or on the end of a cabinet peninsula. See the example below:

Trash can pull out cabinet storage solution

Other cabinet conveniences include:

Solid wood trash can pull outs, pull up doors, cutlery dividers, knife column pull outs, a game station, specialty pull outs, desk combos, CD pull outs, decorative leg pull outs, column pull outs, many types of lazy susans and blind storage solutions, knife and plate racks and drawers, wine storage conveniences, mixer lifts, appliance garages, spice racks, spice pull outs, and spice drawers, wicker basket pull outs, all types of pantry pull outs, and sink base storage solutions. 

Below is a link to some of the many kitchen storage devices available in the cabinet lines we carry at Main Line Kitchen Design:

spice pull out a popular cabinet storage solution.

Watch a video below on the Magic Corner. One storage solution for blind corner cabinets.

Watch a video below on the Magic Corner. One storage solution for blind corner cabinets.

At Main Line Kitchen Design our experienced designers know the advantages and disadvantages of all the possible interior cabinet mechanisms. Call today, we are happy to answer any questions. We can also explain our design process and why it saves our customers money, time, and gets them a better kitchen.

and of course . . .

Bon Appetit!

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2 Replies to “Kitchen Cabinet Storage Solutions”

  1. Susan Rindermann

    Hello, we started working with a local kitchen design store for our kitchen remodel. It’s a small kitchen (10 X 10) and we aren’t planning on changing the footprint much. We wanted to work with a design center because the process is overwhelming to us. In retrospect I realize they are mostly in the business of selling cabinets, and not really very involved in design. So we are doing a lot of work ourselves. They created a few renderings and they are all using Eclipse frameless cabinets. We are looking at a Shaker style door and glass cabinets on top. I have been reading a lot of reviews and have mixed feelings about Eclipse, as well as the frameless cabinet drawers. But I don’t know where to turn anymore. I’ve spent countless hours trying to figure things out myself, but have no real experience. Can you recommend where else I could look for cabinets? I already have floor, tile, counters and appliances mostly selected. Thank you!

    1. pmcalary[ Post Author ]

      Hi Susan,
      Your comments ring a lot of alarm bells. Keeping the footprint, frameless Eclipse, stacking cabinets, are all bad ideas when designing in a frameless shaker style door.
      You should call into our helpline and podcast on a Friday ready to send measurements and designs for the entire kitchen space. I’ll be able to help you create a good design and recomend a better brand and possibly a better cabinet dealer.

      Below is a podcast example:

      Removing a wall or moving a window or exterior doorway can cost a few thousand dollars but make the kitchen and a home a completely different with a better layout. This can often increase the home’s value several times more than the cost of the renovation. Whereas upgrading to a more expensive cabinet brand or professional appliances can add over $10,000 to a renovation and if the kitchen design is poor make getting back what you spent on the renovation impossible, when you sell the home. So working with a good kitchen designer is more important than people realize. Kitchen designers help you find the design you would never have thought of. Good designers should also help you spend your renovation budget more effectively. They will explain cost options, and make sure you are splurging on the things that add value to your home or that are important to you even if they don’t.

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