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Selecting Appliances for Your New Kitchen.

Selecting appliances when renovating a new kitchen is more complex than many people might guess. Even what appliances you are shopping for may differ from your initial thoughts once you consult with a kitchen design professional.


For example, homeowners will frequently select the type and size appliances they want without considering how those types and sizes effect their kitchen design

Sometimes even making the mistake of buying those appliances before they have met with a kitchen design professional.


Putting ten pounds of sausage into an eight pound wrapper is a common mistake. Extra wide appliances need long walls to go against, and since most homeowners are also wanting to open up their kitchen space and possibly remove walls, the longer appliances they think they want won’t fit in the revamped space they insist on.

Selecting appliances like wall ovens and cooktops instead of a range will eliminate countertop space. The more expensive appliances usually add more than $3000 to the overall cost of a kitchen.

These are the types of considerations that often are left unaddressed. Resolving them can become frustrating when homeowners go shopping for their cabinetry and kitchen designer later rather than sooner. The correct sequence of events is to meet with and consult with a kitchen design professional first. Have them measure your space long before walls are removed, and appliances are even considered.

built in oven collection for selecting appliances.

If you have a large kitchen or a large appliance budget than it is even more important to understand how appliances you might not have originally considered such as new steamers, coffee makers, speed ovens, and convection steam ovens might be attractive to you and alter your design. Attending a free cooking demonstration might also make sense.

Fretz showroom for selecting appliances
The SubZero Wolf Showroom formerly known as Fretz

Once you have narrowed down your appliance selections to what can work and fit in the kitchen design you create with the help of your kitchen designer, shopping for the models you want will be much easier. The kitchen designer will also know good appliance sales places and salespeople to recommend if you would like. Researching models will be far less time consuming when you have additional direction. Main Line Kitchen Design for example usually recommends Kristin Costa and Keiffer’s Appliances to our customers.

As far as reviewing appliance models and gathering information on appliance models and brands these two web sites are great for gathering information:

Yale Appliances in Connecticut. Reviews of brands, rankings, and relevant blogs.

Brisbane Appliances. For the international perspective on appliances.

Hoping you reach out to and find a great kitchen designer BEFORE you start removing walls, selecting appliances and buying them, thus handcuffing your designer with decisions made prior to getting the professional help all kitchen renovations and new homes need.

. . . and of course . . .

. . . Bon Appetit!

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