Intellectual Property and the Challenge Designing Kitchens.

The drawings and designs produced by kitchen designers are considered the intellectual property of the design firm. Watching the funny video below will help you understand the kitchen designer’s perspective.

The work required to do the preliminary designs for a customer’s kitchen usually requires at least 8 hours of the designer’s time. This includes measuring the customers home, creating the designs in 20-20 CAD and then, during Covid-19, Zooming with the customer for one long or two shorter appointments. During these appointments designers make design changes and give detailed estimates on the cost of cabinetry, countertops, appliances, and other materials as well as a budget for construction costs. Customers may also want to visit our offices to review cabinet lines, door styles, and finishes.

All the work that the designers do to get to this point is included in Main Line Kitchen Design’s initial $150 deposit.

After showing a customer these designs and pricing out their kitchen in detail if customer wants to proceed and pay our second $350 deposit then we will give them copies of our designs and have more appointments helping them make selections and additional changes. We give the customer our work product as a good faith gesture under the assumption that the customer will be buying cabinetry from us. The total $500 that the customer pays in deposits is credited towards the cabinetry upon ordering.

However, paying the $500 does not pay for the designer’s time, the companies overhead, or the designer’s expertise. Customers that have many appointments working with their designer only to take their drawings and buy cabinetry from someplace else are taking advantage and stealing the intellectual property of the company that designed their kitchen. They have also bought a kitchen from someone lacking integrity who was not present for any of the conversations and considerations that produced the design. This is a recipe for disaster.

As the funny video above points out some professions lend themselves to being taken advantage of while others do not.

We look forward to helping our clients with the creative and detailed planning that goes into a complex kitchen renovation. If we respect each other and the work, we do together the end result is always one that makes everyone involved feel proud.

Stay safe . . . and of course . . .

. . . Bon Appetit!


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