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Kitchen Cabinets Near Me

Customers google “Kitchen cabinets near me” assuming that selecting a cabinet dealer close to them is important.  But location, location, location is only important in real estate. 

Searching “kitchen cabinets near me” can actually backfire for homeowners for many reasons.  

  1. Prices are very different with different dealers. Many are even expensive for inexpensive cabinet brands. Others have more customer complaints than satisfied customers. Homeowners often save thousands of dollars – and countless headaches, working with a dealer who is not necessarily one of the closest. 
  2. Many cabinet dealers cut corners by providing inferior kitchen designers. This results in poorly designed kitchens that often reduce the value of a customer’s home.  
  3. And most importantly, many cabinet dealers prioritize their own bottom lines over their customers’ needs and satisfaction.  Main Line Kitchen Design refuses to employ designers who place profit above good design and ethical business practices. By reducing their choices based on distance Homeowners risk working with inferior designers and companies.

Brighton White beaded inset kitchen with cooktop in island.  West Chester PA kitchen so yes these are kitchen cabinets near me!
Brighton Beaded Inset Kitchen Designed by Chris Rossetti

Sure, it’s preferable to work with cabinet dealers and kitchen designers who are within an hour or so drive. But before restricting your search to showrooms extremely close consider:

  1. Most kitchen design work and design appointments are now done via ZOOM.
  2. Because of this, customers rarely need to travel to the kitchen showrooms more than two or three times.
  3. Limiting the selection of the dealer and designer to the few that come up by searching “kitchen cabinets near me” almost guarantees that homeowners will select poorly.

It is essential that homeowners review the kitchen projects of the companies they are considering! 

Do the kitchens shown on the company website look attractive and well-designed? 

Does the company get great reviews? Do they get many reviews and not just a few? This is so important!

What do their customers say about them? can also be helpful in evaluating kitchen cabinet dealers and designers. Some company pages offer hundreds of their kitchen projects to consider.  The effort these companies devote to their websites and pages are good indicators of the efforts they will make for their customers, too!

Brighton beaded inset kitchen with both Island and peninsula

Expanding the search area increases the quality of the companies homeowners can consider for designing their kitchen and ordering cabinetry.

Homeowners often spend many hours researching cabinet brands, styles, and colors. But these same consumers tend to spend too little time researching the company that is designing their kitchen and selling them cabinetry and countertops. 

Because homeowners aren’t professional designers themselves, they don’t realize is how important and how different their kitchen design can be from what they are considering. And the less capable and caring cabinet dealers and designers that often come up searching “kitchen cabinets near me” could be willing to take advantage of this lack of knowledge. 

Full overlay Fabuwood Galaxy kitchen. Kitchen is in Media PA so customer can say main Line Kitchen Design offers kitchen cabinets near me.

HGTV shows are also often sources of costly misinformation. 

HGTV shows are terrible sources for information! They give DIYers misleading costs and expectations. I can’t tell you how many people believe removing a load bearing wall is expensive and difficult because HGTV says so. In reality, changing the color or wood species of cabinetry can cost $10,000 while removing a load bearing framed wall typically costs $3,000. 

Homeowners listening to HGTV misinformation can splurge many thousands of dollars on expensive appliances while leaving a wall, doorway or window unchanged that destroys the design of their new kitchen. 

Finding an ethical, knowledgeable and creative kitchen design company is the most important step in kitchen renovation projects.  

And homeowners can not do this by searching for “kitchen cabinets near me”. It is well worth driving a few extra miles to get the best kitchen with a company like Main Line Kitchen Design.  

We wish you the best with your renovation and hope you will consider working with us. Our service area is listed here.

5 Replies to “Kitchen Cabinets Near Me”

  1. Erica

    Thank you for the useful, honest information you provide. Ive already learned so much. I’ve seen your recommended kitchen designers by region, and read about driving a little further for a great company to work with. Would you have any suggestions in or near St. Louis, MO? We are just beginning our search for a kitchen renovation and would love any input on a good, reputable kitchen designer and cabinet dealer in our area. Thanks so much.

    1. pmcalary[ Post Author ]

      Hi Erica,
      I looked around in your area and Beck/Allen Cabinetry seems to do good design work. The one issue I see is that I’m not a fan of a couple of the cabinet brands that they carry. The Chrystal and the Koch brands they carry are great but I don’t like KitchenCraft and Shiloh. So at least on their website they don’t list an inexpensive well made brand just middle to higher end brands that are well constructed.

  2. Saventure Infra Tech

    Nice blogs on kitchen cabinets. Looking forward for more blogs on kitchen interior design.


    Will Pioneer Cabinets that are made in Michigan be added to your list of cabinet manufacturers in 2024? They are very popular here and reasonable.

    1. pmcalary[ Post Author ]

      Hi John,
      Pioneer looks like a nice cabinet brand on face value. Especially if they are reasonably priced. However we can not add them to our list without seeing cabinet specifications. Getting some kind of pricing comparison to a brand that is listed would be needed too. If you are friendly with a dealer or rep maybe they would want to send us a spec book or a pdf of their cabinet construction options.

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