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Posted April 23, 2018 by pmcalary

The way to get the best bang for your buck renovating a kitchen is surprising to many people. Often consumers assume that reducing the amount of construction and keeping the appliances and cabinetry locations the same will save them money. The reality is that since everything in a kitchen renovation is getting ripped out and replaced moving cabinetry and appliances has little impact on overall costs. Even removing an entire wall which might cost $2000 could also mean less wall cabinetry keeping the overall project costs the same.


Kitchen designed in inexpensive but well made cabinetry


The materials that you buy during a kitchen renovation offer the best opportunity to save money without compromising on the kitchen design itself or the quality of the cabinetry, countertops, or appliances you purchase. Often compromising slightly on cabinetry color or door style can save 20 to 40% on cabinet expenses. Switching to a less expensive cabinet line doesn’t mean you are sacrificing durability or the construction quality of your cabinets. In fact, if the door style you are choosing is available in a less expensive cabinet line it could be a waste of the project’s resources to upgrade to an expensive cabinet line since custom colors and unusual door styles are what make custom cabinetry expensive.


Inexpensive professional style range


Reducing costs  without sacrificing very much is also possible with countertops and appliances. While expensive professional appliances can be beautiful and offer great features most home owners won’t appreciate the difference between name brands like Wolf and Viking and the less expensive alternatives. For example the range above is less than half the cost of a more expensive brand like Wolf or Viking.


Level 1 or 2 granite can be beautiful!


In the Delaware Valley granite countertop pricing starts around $40 per square foot. Level 5 granite colors and most man made quartz countertops as well as natural stone tops such as quartzite, soapstone, and marble typically cost at least double that price. The more expensive natural stone tops are more unique but also slightly less durable and can require more maintenance and upkeep. The quartz tops which require no maintenance are easier to scratch and more likely to be damaged by heat. So spending double the price for your countertops could go unappreciated by people unfamiliar with these high end tops and not give added durability. And while spending double the price for a countertop is common, there is no limit to the price of exotic stone and some synthetic tops.


Custom inset cabinetry and professional appliances


Splurging on expensive appliances, custom inset cabinetry, or exotic stone tops can make a beautiful kitchen that much more distinctive like the kitchen above. But compromising on the design of a kitchen is always a bad idea. The value of your home is determined by how desirable the kitchen design and layout is. If moving a wall, window, doorway or other design feature enhances the design of your kitchen then this is where you need to spend money first. Getting the best bang for your buck starts with the design itself and not with the name brands and subtle color variations consumers often focus on.


Below is a related blog from SmartReno, a Canadian web site we have found informative:

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Hoping your renovation makes all the smart choices.


Bon Appetite!

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