New Home Buyers make a big mistake rushing their kitchen renovation.

In the drive to complete a kitchen renovation before moving into a new home, new home buyers usually end up wasting money, making mistakes, and creating delays. These rushed renovations often finish later than the projects better organized and begun after homeowners move in.

Kitchen demolition

Most kitchens can be renovated in about 6 weeks from start to finish once designs are finalized and a renovation is organized well with everything ordered and coordinated in advance. Homeowners are far happier with the final kitchen if they don’t shortchange themselves in the amount of time it takes to make sensible selections and design considerations. 

It makes sense to start working on a design as soon as possible but don’t attempt rushing. All professional kitchen designers know that the jobs that finish first are never the ones that started first rushing, they are the ones that were organized the best. 

When people tell me horror stories about kitchens that took a year or more to complete, I know everyone involved was responsible for making poor decisions. The contractor for encouraging the homeowner to rush instead of giving them sensible advice, The kitchen designer for undertaking such a poorly planned project. And the homeowner for changing their minds a dozen or more times because they didn’t make wise choices shooting from the hip. 

Kitchen remodel complete

If you are a new homeowner and would like to begin working on your kitchen renovation project now, we would love to help you. Most existing kitchens are OK to live with temporarily, and if you move in first and begin the project when it makes sense to start you will actually avoid undo stress. You will also save time and money and get a kitchen that you know you love before the work begins and marvel at every day after it’s done.

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