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Beautiful Kitchen and Barn Renovation

This is one of our favorite conversions. A high ceiling barn in Villanova transformed into an understated and stately, light filled home. I love the tasteful choices and the elegant but not too formal furnishings for this barn renovation.

Our avid blog readers might notice a cooktop and hood in front of a window that we will often warn against. In this case both are okay because the stone exterior wall is 12 inches thick and so the window is not only 12 inches up from the level of the cooktop but also 12 inches back.

For those not “in the know” – the danger of putting a cooktop in front of a window is that a gust of wind from an open window could blow out the flames on the cooktop burners allowing gas to fill the room, or curtains could be placed on the windows creating a fire hazard. Finally, the heat from the burners could break the seal on the insulated glass in the windows. Thankfully the combination of the added wall thickness, the windows located 12 inches above the countertop and the window in back of the cooktop being fixed all made the design safe.

Hoping to help you make your home a place that makes you just a little bit happier each day . . . and of course. . .

Bon Appetit!

Paul, Julie, Ed, Chris, Jeremy, Lauren, Tom, Juliet and Camilla

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