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The Customers Who Almost Bought Their Kitchen at Lowe’s.

But got a better kitchen design deal from Main Line Kitchen Design.

Recently, one of our customers told me a story about how they nearly bought a kitchen at Lowe’s. After working with a designer who took their direction regarding the design and type of cabinetry they wanted and getting a quote from Lowe’s on their kitchen installation, they were nearly ready to order. The Lowe’s designer told them that if they ordered that day, they would receive a 20% discount!

Lowe's Store

Fortunately, our customer was very sales savvy and knew that any company that offers you a 20% discount to sign their contract today will still honor the same offer a week or two later if “push comes to shove”. Just asking for the sale this way made him and his wife uncomfortable, so they decided to do a little more investigating.

A friend had recommended Main Line Kitchen Design and Matt Super from MS Contracting. So they decided to get quotes for their cabinetry and their installation from us as well. They contacted the contractor first for an estimate. Matt gave them a ballpark and recommended contacting one of our designers to review their design first. Just Matt’s “ballpark” was significantly less than their quote from Lowe’s. Even with the 20% discount included. I was the Main Line Kitchen Design designer who came to their home. After looking over their plans, I was unimpressed to say the least.

Their Lowe’s kitchen plan was very similar to the kitchen they Had. And it used the available space very poorly.

This shouldn’t be surprising since the Lowe’s designer was just doing as he was directed. He wasn’t bringing any design expertise to their kitchen. The customers were slightly skeptical of the initial design I came up with for their space, it didn’t have a few of the components that they thought that they wanted. However, the design I recommended was more spacious. It also offered better functionality and more cabinetry and countertops. It only took a few days examining the new design for them to warm up to the changes. They were saving money and getting more — Main Line Kitchen Design’s price was also about 15% less than the sale priced cabinetry from Lowes!

Our customer’s kitchen is now complete.

Since it’s been done, they’ve told me that a day doesn’t go by where they don’t appreciate how the design by Main Line Kitchen Design has enhanced both working and socializing in their new kitchen. They also can’t believe that they came so close to spending $10,000 more for a kitchen and installation that in retrospect was so inferior.

The Home Depot

Buying a kitchen and doing a kitchen renovation should be a thoughtful and well-reasoned process. Trying to pressure customers into making decisions quickly and to order on the spot doesn’t have the best interest of the customer at heart. Low’es Home Improvement and The Home Depot aren’t alone in pressuring customers to make these big decisions, and any dealer that does is unprofessional in my opinion. If they can offer 20% discounts, then it stands to reason that they are over charging at the outset.

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Wishing all our customers a pressure free and wonderful New Year’s.

…and as Julia Child who would have been 103 years old this summer said with such enthusiasm…

Bon Appetit!


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