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Main Line Kitchen Design Trends Blog

How to get a French Country Kitchen for Half the Price.

Traditional Style and especially French Country Style Kitchens employ architectural accent pieces such as legs, corbels, capitals, and onlays. …

Houzz.com Selects It’s “Best of 2013”

This was the first of many Houzz awards for Main Line Kitchen Design and the very beginning of the…

Neighborhood News Featured Kitchen Designer

Below is an article praising my sometimes lauded, sometimes maligned, tell it like it is approach to kitchen design.

The 108 inch tall Kitchen Ceiling Dilemma

Architects began raising the ceiling in higher priced homes in the 1980's.  Partly to make  homes feel more spacious…

What’s Under Your Kitchen Hood?

Kitchens with hearths or independent wooden hoods need an exhaust fan to vent the heat, smoke, and grease created…

How to Adjust Legacy Presidential Cabinet Doors and Drawers

Learning to adjust Legacy Presidential cabinet doors and drawers isn’t rocket science. Click the link below to view Legacy’s…


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Inset and Beaded Inset Kitchen Cabinet Announcement

Main Line Kitchen Design is now offering inset cabinet doors for the same price as full overlay doors through…