Different Kitchen Countertop Properties and Pricing.

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  1. Karlie Smith

    This is my first time hearing about serpentine and acrylic countertop. I remember the first time I heard about quartzite was through the Caesarstone website. I heard it was such a debate between the two because they almost have the same materials. Plus, we were going through kitchen renovations so additional information about kitchens won’t hurt. But in the end, we got quartz because of the ‘no need for sealing’ thing and it’s easier to clean.

    1. pmcalary[ Post Author ]

      Hi Karlie,
      Actually engineered quartz and quartzite have nothing in common other than a similar sounding name. Quartzite is a natural stone with many of the properties of granite but lighter in color. Engineered quartz like Caesarstone is quarried quartz pebbles and glass all glued together with 7% being the resin that bonds everything together. Yes you don’t have to seal it because it is sealed by the glue that holds it together, but you can burn it, and it can more easily scratch, and can also fade due to sunlight because it isn’t real stone. There are advantages and disadvantages to all these different type tops.

  2. Christa French

    This is great info; however, it’s the only place I can find anything about laminates and am curious about your opinion of laminate cabinets. I travel to Europe quite a bit and they have top quality laminate cabinets, as well as some that seem to be made of pcv or not sure. By quite stylish and modern, especially as I prefer the euro slab style and in white. Do you have any thoughts on this or any companies you can recommend? I’m not sure if these are strong enough to hold a quarts countertop either. Lost my first home in 34 years after 8 months buying it, because a woman in one of the condos caught the building on fire smoking in bed. So, now I’m having to replace my kitchen (and entire condo) when never wanted to in teh first place. So thank you for your info.

    1. pmcalary[ Post Author ]

      Modern frameless cabinets are available in laminate, foils, Acrylic, Parapan, metal, and many other finishes. In general in the US this is a more expensive and less durable way to make cabinetry. However there is no problem having cabinets supporting any countertops as long as the kitchen is design properly.
      Laminates are very durable finish wise. It is the hinges and the tracks being attached to particle board or plywood instead of solid wood that makes frameless cabinetry more easily irreparably damaged.

  3. wnova

    Your blogs are so informative, thank you!
    Do you have any perspective on the quality of quartz countertops by the Q brand by MSI?
    And what about matte/honed quartz vs. polished for stains and durability? Does a honed finish stain more on a light color?
    Thank you!

    1. pmcalary[ Post Author ]

      All Quartz countertops should be of similar quality just different colors. MSI is one of the least expensive lines. I don’t love the less expensive MSI colors and the more expensive MSI colors will be close in price to other Quartz lines like Silestone and Cambria. So if you are selecting a more expensive MSI color you might like other similar priced colors from other lines more. Quartz should not permanently stain whether it is honed or polished since it is not porous and doesn’t need sealing. Matte and Honed finishes do show water marks and temporary stains instantly due to the finish. After you clean up and the top dries stains should disappear, but even fingerprints show up instantly.

  4. paul mcalary

    The two surfaces don’t go together very well, especially if you are getting traditional cabinetry. Quartz and Stainless steel would look better together but only in transitional or contemporary styled kitchens. So door style should be either a shaker or other simple recessed panel door style or a slab contemporary style door.

    Of course many kitchen designers like eclectic styling combining contemporary and traditional looks. This is what combining granite and stainless steel tops would fall under. I’m not a fan of eclectic. Trendy movements like that tend to look ridiculous a short time after they fall out of favor.

  5. NH

    What are your thoughts on doing a granite island and stainless steel perimeter?

  6. NH

    Would are your thoughts on doing a granite island and stainless steel perimeter?

  7. DJ

    Great information. Can marble be used in a cabin that will be unheated during the winter and get to below zero for extended periods?

    1. pmcalary[ Post Author ]

      Any type stone will not be a problem temperature wise. Even Man made stone. Marble will have all the issues that come with it still i.e. it scratches, stains, and etches very easily. So make sure that is something you are OK with.

  8. Andre

    Hi Paul, Thank you for the narrative. There are at least 3 spelling, grammar errors. You info is worthy of the corrections.

    1. pmcalary[ Post Author ]

      Hi Andre,
      Yes we are all not immune to miss types as your comment shows. Any direction as to where the errors are would be helpful.

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