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What do Kitchen Renovations and Pandemic Haircuts have in common?

What do Kitchen Renovations and Pandemic Haircuts have in common? Both turn out much better when done by professionals!

As a kitchen designer I know how difficult doing a good job at my profession is. Unfortunately many homeowners do not.

People know enough to seek out professional help when they need their car repaired, a complex tax return filed, legal advice, or getting their hair cut. But when it comes to designing and renovating a kitchen, many believe they can do that themselves. Why is it that spending more than $30,000 on a project without professional direction can make sense to some homeowners?

During the pandemic we are all getting to see the results of amateurs cutting hair.

As kitchen designers we see amateur kitchen remodels on a regular basis. I’m sure that to a hair stylist the results of our attempts at cutting hair during the pandemic look much like the amateur kitchen designs we see as as kitchen design professionals.

Crazy Kitchen

Unfortunately as Doug Mottershead says in the video below. At least poor haircuts grow back while bad kitchen design choices stay with us for a LONG time.

Kitchen Designers
Kitchen Designers Paul McAlary and Doug Mottershead

During this stressful time don’t compound the stress by not getting the professional help you need considering a complex and expensive kitchen renovation.

And as Paul says in the video above . . .

“We are here if you need us.”


Paul, Julie, Ed, Chris, Lauren, Tom and Stacia

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  1. pmcalary, May 30, 2020 at 10:10 pm:

    Hi Nancy,
    So nice to hear that you and Fred are doing well. I still tell many customers about you both for a number of reasons. One reason was that you were so gentle with your previous cabinetry. I had never seen MDF cabinet doors 20 plus years old in nearly perfect condition. I contrast you guys with myself who, much to my wife’s dismay, is at the opposite end of the spectrum, and incredibly rough on things. And the other reason is how funny you both were when I was so amendment about not having an island in your kitchen. You told several people that you were almost fired by me. One of my other customers used to tell me that she was ready for her next appointment and had her boxing gloves ready.
    So good to hear from you!
    Stay safe and well,

  2. Nancy Fromhold, May 30, 2020 at 5:17 pm:

    Paul, Good to see you! Fred and I were just discussing you the other night and saying how much we appreciated your professionalism and honesty when it came to designing our beautiful kitchen. You steered us in the right direction when we were about to make a big mistake. We are thankful every day that we chose you and trusted your opinion.

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