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What’s the Most Important Decision to Make Buying a New Kitchen?

Most important is choosing which designer & cabinet dealer you are going to work with

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More than 8,000 people per week visit the Main Line Kitchen Design website doing research on kitchens. Every day, someone asks us our opinion about a particular cabinet line they are considering or how durable a finish is. Yet, rarely do people ask us design questions or if the companies and designers they are working with are respected in our industry.

Unfortunately, focusing on cabinet brands and finishes is where consumers often begin when considering a new kitchen. A design done by a creative experienced kitchen designer and anyone else is the difference between a great kitchen and at the very best, a passable one. We see this when we are asked to review designs because nearly all are full of serious flaws.

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Customers mistakenly believe that their design cannot be improved due to cost or space constraints, customers focus on cabinet line, colors, and appliances. In reality, those are just the finishing touches. The best kitchens for any budget and the ones our customers choose, are rarely the initial designs that they thought they wanted.

Select a reputable cabinet dealer that puts the best interest of their customers first. Selling customers what they initially ask for is the easy path for a kitchen designer. Showing clients how to get better designs and cabinetry often for less money means taking a step back and showing them what they didn’t ask for.

L shape kitchen

The internet makes finding good kitchen designers and cabinet dealers easy. The best companies and designers will have the best reviews. Reading those reviews will give your insight into the company, its designers, and their design process. So, spend your time choosing the company and designer you want to work with first. Together you and your designer can discuss all your choices, the ones you have already considered and the essential ones you have not.

Looking forward to hearing about when your designer surprises you with a better kitchen…

and as always…

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