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When Do I Shop for the Appliances for My New Kitchen?

Main Line Kitchen Design discusses when it’s best to shop for those new appliances.

If you are working with a good kitchen designer, then pick your appliances after meeting with your designer. The space in your kitchen and the final layout will influence the appliances you select. Most of our customers are confident that they know their layout when they begin the design process. However, the majority end up selecting different layouts and different appliances once alternatives are brought to their attention.

kitchen renovation

The money you spend on your kitchen renovation can be spent many ways.

The best money you spend will be on the best design and layout. Expensive cabinetry door styles, finishes, and professional appliances can be important upgrades but have less impact on the finished kitchen than the design itself.

Invest your time most effectively. Work with a professional kitchen designer on your kitchen’s design first and come up with a budget.

Then work on the selections and pricing for each element of your kitchen.

You’ll need to price cabinets, countertops, appliances, backsplash, flooring, fixtures, and the cost of installation.

Example of a Frameless Kitchen with antique appliance

Choosing what aspects of your kitchen you are going to splurge on is difficult. For example, saving a thousand dollars on an appliance and putting the savings towards a more distinctive backsplash might make your backsplash what everyone talks about while the appliance change could go unnoticed.

Close up of the kitchen range and vent on the island

You’re the boss in deciding where to splurge on your new kitchen.

If you get all the information before making choices, your choices will certainly be different. Most importantly, you will be happier with your finished kitchen.

We hope to help you find that kitchen. After your kitchen is designed Main Line Kitchen Design recommends working on your appliance package with Keiffer’s

See the procedure below:

How to Select Appliances for Your New Kitchen.

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